Faithful viewers

I just wanted to say thank you to those faithful viewers that I have out there. Knowing that my blog is one of the first things you do every morning just makes my day! Love you girls :)

One month old...

We had a lot of monumental moments happen this week, well at least monumental for puppies :) First of all they turn one month old today.. crazy huh! They also had their first meal of real dog food. Oh did they love that! I kid you not they were scarfing it haha, I really felt bad, like I hadn't been feeding them good and they were starving. They also did a lot better when I took them out to play in the grass. The kids in the neighborhood saw them and of course came to play. The puppies are definitely getting a lot more personality now and it is so cute. They are fighting with each other and some bark constantly while the others just lay around and sleep. You can tell in the pictures the ones we have spoiled.. they cry and I instantly go and get them to hold them. Or as you can tell in one pic, I let JR hold them and they wind up snuggling with him on the couch. Enjoy the pics!


Jen's bridal shower

This Saturday we had Jen's bridal shower. This was her first shower so we wanted to make it extra special. We had a great brunch, wonderful fellowship and even games. Yea i know, go figure Lindsey would have games! The Bride to Be was definitely glowing as she anticipating her wedding in less than 3 months! Congrats Mrs. Booth! Or is it
Broth :)


Bridal pics with a twist

My friends Jen and Jenny love to play around with editing pictures. Here are some of the ones they did for me. Cool huh?


So I am a little obsessed with reunions I think :) I have already began planning a college reunion tailgate with my sorority sisters for next Fall, would love the thought of having a family reunion (although my family is now from every side of the world so not sure how that would work) AND have even started thinking about my 10 year high school reunion (which is 4 years away ha!). What in the world is wrong with me haha, I am bound and determined to stay in touch with every person I know and love and it is just so hard. I would say a lot has to do with the fact that I am 6 hours away from every one i know, but also just the reality that I am growing up. No more Friday night football games with high school friends, no more hanging out with friends in Massey every night of the week, no more UT football games every single Saturday (although that will change some now that we have season tickets). God has truly blessed me with great friends here in NC, so I am not complaining by any means, I guess it is just hard to let go of other friendships for me :) I have so many great friends though, so who would want to ha! JR calls me that planning queen, but is very thankful that I do keep in touch so well, because he does not :)

In all reality I would love to start traditions of reunions now so that I will continue to get to see friends and family in the future and can always look forward to those times. My high school friends and I always try to get together one night for dinner around Christmas time and it is GREAT! I am planning on starting a tailgate reunion for college friends the first home game of every season. And as far as the family goes, well you tell me. We do have a Griffin reunion in Alabama every Labor Day so that is good.

I want to hear about your ways of keeping up with family and friends. Tell me traditions you have started that have remained strong through the years. I am Queen Planner Extraordinaire, so once I have an idea I can for sure do my best to make it happen :)


Phil is joining us!

Phillip called us last week to let us know that he plans to move here to Wake Forest and join us at Southeastern! We are both very excited to have him here with us. He is JR's best friend and has always been very close to me as well. He will be graduating from UT May 11th and headed in this direction after his summer of mission trips.


Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Today is administrative professionals day... yea yea I know I am hurting for a celebration haha, but it is really on the calendar! Jen, Leigh and I are the assistants here in the Student Life Office. We are very grateful that we get to go out for lunch. So be sure to thank those who assist you today and always.


Baird is going to be a mom!

Congradulations!!!! Denira and Bobby are going to have a baby! Denira is a sweet dear friend of JR and I's. Her and I go way back to middle school basketball and she was JR's best girlfriend in high school. She is a wonderful friend and we are so happy for her. Not going to lie.. it is really weird though hahah and I dont think JR has quite come to terms with it yet. I still remember when we got the phone call that she was engaged... he is still experiencing that shock haha :) We are so excited about being Auntie Lindsey and Uncle JR!

Major and Maddie

I started feeling guilty that the puppies were getting all of the attention and so I had to show off the momma and daddy too. We are very lucky to have great dogs and I have not forgotten about them :) It is just too dang hard not to want to just eat the little puppies... I am of course a little baby crazy you know!

3 weeks and running

Yesterday was the puppies first experience outside. They had managed to get out of their pool in the garage when I got home and so that made me think they would enjoy being outside. At first they were really scared of the grass, which was quite humorous. Then all of the kids on our street saw they were out and came to join us. The puppies are so good with the kids and they just love to snuggle with them. After a hard time of play me and the 8 babies went back inside and they took a nap while I cooked dinner. Afterwards I took turns getting each of them out to play with them. As you can see, one of them feel asleep in my lap laying on her back. Haha she was dreaming too and would throw her arms and legs in the air as she was doing it.
They were 3 weeks old yesterday and continuing to grow so fast! It is sad to think that I only have 5 more weeks with them. Momma Lindsey wont know what to do when they leave :(


Happy Birthday Katie

Today is a very special day for a very special lady in my life. Some would call her my other half, other's might say Katsey.... I say my sister and my best friend. There is too many stories and too much to say, so instead I have taken it back down memory lane with a fun picture montage. I love you Katie :)


Bridal luncheon

Missy's aunts had her a very special bridal luncheon on Saturday at Riverside Tavern. Her family from Memphis came in as well as Clint's family from Johnson City and many others from Knoxville. Missy was definitely glowing as I proceeded to remind her.. just 3 more weeks! Delicious lunch and even better time of fellowship. Great start to a wonderful day :)

Pottery Shower

For those who have never went to paint Pottery before.. you have to go! We had so much fun painting for Missy :) It was definitely a great idea, thanks to my step-mom Sue, for a perfect shower. We all painted different specialty plates
that Missy will be able to use as decor in her new home. It was fun to see everyone's ideas and had they added their own special touch to them. No I did not do two, instead finished Mrs. Tuten's since she had to step out a tad early. The place was great.. it's in West Town mall beside the Bombay shop. Go there and if you have anyfriends getting married... take them there! :)

Old friends, new friends and best friends...

After a wonderful dinner at Pasta Trios, we decided to head to Hannah's in the Old City so we could dance. It was so fun to have my new friends Sarah and Bridget as well as old friends Elena, Nina and Brooke and of course best friend Missy all having such a great time. I loved to dance when I was in college and dont get to do it as often anymore... and who says an alcohol free bachelorette party is no fun :) We had a blast!