Amazing story of God's plan for one girl

Check out this amazing story that was featured on the Today Show. There were 2 girls that went to the same college in a bad accident, where one lived and the other did not. The police did a poor job of identifying them, as they both looked similar with blond hair an such, and ended up getting them mixed up. One family was called and given the bad news that their daughter had died, the other was told theirs was on a coma (each family being told of the other girl since they got them confused). Anyways, for several months one family set by this girl's side until she woke up from her coma. Then after she said some interesting things and wrote down the wrong name when they told her to write her name, they figured it out that it was in fact not the girl they thought it was. That meant that the family who had buried their daughter (or what they thought was their daughter), got a phone call saying that she was actually alive months later! Can you honestly imagine? After her funeral and everything.... HOLY COW! And through out it all they credit God as having an amazing plan for their daughter all along. You can check out their blog as well. Incredible!

Baby girl gifts

Missy's niece is turning 1 this week and she called to see if I could make her something special. Well tell me what you think? I really think they turned out pretty good. Of course every time I do something, I learn something new ha! I wanted to get a lot of sewing done this weekend, however dummy me... right after I had finished this project I started cooking dinner Friday night and decided to cut my left pointer open with a knife. Dont worry I am surviving and no stitches were involved but there was LOTS of bleeding and a huge bandage, which made it very hard to finish the other project :(

Soon though... and soon for the website as well!!!
cupcake bib
girl bloomers


John Deer Queen

Jordan asked me help make her friend from GA a gift for her baby girl that is coming soon. She thought it would be cute to do John Deer in Pink, since her friend is an Up-town GA girl and would probably be getting enough ribbons, lace and bows :) I think they turned out pretty cute!! It was my first attempt at making my own bib too!!!! Cant wait to make lots more PINK things for Baby Girl Lewis, as well as all the other soon to be babies. Sewing is so much fun :)


A much needed relaxing weekend

JR and I did NOTHING all weekend long and it was WONDERFUL!!! We really did just lay on the couch and watch basketball the entire time. It was great to forget about homework, cleaning and sewing projects and just veg out while watching some killer basketball games! Boy did our VOLS sure scare me to death... goodness gracious. They better get their act together, that is all I can say :)

We had a great Easter Sunday. As you can see, the Easter bunny did not forget about JR this year... of course not ha! He has the best Easter bunny in the world! And I thank my mom for yet another Easter dress.... and no I am not too big for that yet nor do I ever think I will be :)


Happy Birthday Lily!

Today we went to Lily's 2nd birthday party. It was Elmo, or as Lily calls it "Melmo", party and the birthday girl was just too cute for words. As you will notice in the pictures she LOVED the cake.. and in fact can eat more than most 10 year old I know ha! She however was still unsure as to what to do about blowing out the candles... oh well maybe next year! We had an egg hunt with all of the kids and I loved spoiling her and Maisy with all sorts of sweet things :)

It was a beautiful day for a party outside! We loved meeting Christina's family and best friend from Florida as well. Of course we both enjoyed getting to see baby Isaac again as well too.. he is such a little cuddle bug :) Thank you for such a great party Todd family!!!

Mile High Alright ha!

JR and I went to watch the Vols play at Champs and decided to get some dessert to kill some more time. This is what they brought us.....

The Mile High Ice Cream Cake

Can you believe how large this is? As soon as they brought it to our table we both said, "HOLY COW!! ha" The waitor guy just laughed at us and said good luck finishing it. Needless to say we did not as it is obviously meant for like 8 people at a time. My Goodness!!!! :)


Happy Easter!

We hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend, celebrating our Risen Savior! Be reminded that those who are in Christ will be made alive because of His resurrection. Jesus' resurrection brings joy because as Christians we know that our eternal salvation is secure. To God be the Glory forever and ever! JR and I will be staying in NC for the weekend. Everyone who is traveling please be safe and I pray that your time with family and friends is blessed in Jesus name!

Love to all!

Its a GIRL!!

Jordan stopped by to tell me the good news!!!! She is having a sweet baby girl in August :) And Auntie Lindsey CANNOT wait to buy lots and lots of PINK things for her!!! Congrats to the Lewis family, the Isham's love you!


Update from the Todd's

JR and I received the sweetest basket of goodies with this coffee mug in it and I LOVE IT! JR and I had to come to an agreement that we would keep this mug at home so we could share it (I really wanted to bring it to work and show it off ha!) The Todd's are definitely family for us and we just love their children to pieces. We are grateful for their friendship as well!!

Christina also sent me these pics of the kiddos from their first 3 weeks with Isaac. He is growing like a weed :)

and this is what life is like with 3 kids in car seats in the back of a car ha!

Here is the latest creation of "Just Lindsey" for Easter. Stay tuned for the debut of my very own craft website!!! :)


Shower for Micah

Saturday Kari Akin had a shower at her church and Rachel and I went to shower Micah with some presents! She got some great things and I was so happy to be there... she was just glowing!
Micah is due in the next three weeks, I cant believe it! Kari and her husband Paul will be going overseas in October, so I am sad that they are leaving us, but grateful for the time we have had together and who knows we may even still be here when they get back :) Love you Akins!

Things that I personalized for Micah:


Happy Birthday Dad!

I am a lucky girl in so many ways, but consider myself extra thankful for the man that God gave me to call "Dad." My dad has taught me many things in my 25 years: a love for family, enjoyment in sports and games, responsibility with finances, and how to love others with the biggest heart possible. I am so happy when I am with my Dadoo, and I love the many memories we have made as father and daughter. I also consider it blessed to know that the 2 most important men in my life have such a great relationship; JR has no doubt become just like a son to him as well. I cant wait to see my father with our kids too, as I know he is going to love them oh so much! He has already picked out a name for himself, "V-Diddy", which describes the kind of grandpa I know he will be~ hip and cool for sure :)

I love you so much Dad and cannot express enough how much you mean to me. I will never forget the song that you picked to dance with me on my wedding day... and consider it a privilege to call you mine.

Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!!!

In My Daughter's Eyes

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the
world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me gives me
strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand
around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about

It's hangin' on when your heart
has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daugter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes

And it all goes down to the final seconds!!!

Last night was the intramural boy's basketball championship... and boy was it an exciting game! The two teams that played had a lot of my friends on them, and they were VERY competitive against one another. The last 3 minutes were very nerve racking for sure, but in the final 3 seconds the Greybeards were defeated by team Meat and Potatoes. Great job to all of you guys!!cheerleaders
way too intense.. we had to stand up :)
Holly cant believe her eyes!!

final score
Meat and Potatoes
The Greybeards
Chloebear as precious as always

Leigh and I took a ton of pictures so if you want to see them all go here.


Haley and Micah

girls being girls (camera crazy)
and boys being boys (always just in general crazy ha!)

Micah and Haley Messersmith have joined JR and I the last several days in our home. God has crossed Haley and I's paths now 3 times. Her and I did a summer project with Campus Crusade together the summer after our freshmen year in college, and we also worked at Camp Greystone together the summer after our junior year...... now her and her husband will be joining us at Southeastern!They will be coming to seminary next semester and plan to move here in May, so they have been on the house hunt. I am happy to say that they found one, and it is very neat to see how God worked it out perfect for them. We all went out to dinner last night and gave them a small tour of our area. We cant wait for them to join us here permanently very soon!!! :)


We are the champions!

Last night was the end of the girl's intramurals basketball and our team won! There were only 2 teams so we played the best out of five. Although the season was short, we had a great time!!!
both girls teams
my #1 cheerleader and our most improved player! Good job Hope, all of those drills Coach Isham made you do paid off :)

Soon it will be volleyball season again... I love intramurals!!!


We are in awe...

to say the least ha!!! And who wouldnt be in awe with a face like that. We got to spend most of the day with Tristan on Friday, and even took him to Cracker Barrel (Uncle JR's favorite place). He completely stole our hearts for sure.. and we could not stop staring at him. I swear we all were just looking at him for like an hour, mesmerized by how amazing it was that he was finally here and just perfect. Since JC had to work Friday, we went back on Sunday to see him and of course were not upset to be seeing Tristan again so soon. I will have to say that I had to fight JR to hold him the whole time. He was so cute and kept saying, "I think he really likes me!" :)

We took about 200 pictures (OF COURSE) and these are just a few of my favs. You can see them all by clicking here.
Little man himself... 3 weeks old!
so happy to be meeting our nephew!
meeting uncle JR for the first time
sweet kisses
JR was loving him sleeping on his chest
I am in my prime for sure!!!

stagged yes, but how cute. and even cuter that Phil was so innocent and wasnt sure what to do when he started crying with him :)
the Isham boys
mom, dad, and proud aunt and uncles
JC, Leann and Tristan

Family Birthday

This weekend JR and I had the chance to go home and celebrate my birthday with our family. We had a dinner on Friday night at my Dad's and then lunch Saturday at my Mom's. We had planned on taking all of the siblings to the Winter Jam concert that was in town, but since we got some snow the bands got stuck in Indiana :( Instead we all went bowling and had a blast! I cant tell you how much fun it was to have everyone there... all together including significant others too. ChrisAnn is my brothers girlfriend of over a year now and I got to meet Rachel's boyfriend Gabe too. Needless to say the bowling turned into a match between the Isham brothers and the Griffin brothers... watch the video to see who came out on top :)

Thank you family for an amazing weekend.. and my only wish is that it could have lasted longer!! Love you guys SO much!