Auntie Lindsey

We got the news last night that I get to officially be "Auntie Lindsey." JR's brother JC and his wife Leeann are expecting their first child in March. We are so excited to have a baby Isham coming our way... I love being an aunt that gets to spoil my little babies :)

These are also two new little ones that I will claim as being their Auntie. This is Jonas Kade and Nolan Kole. They are the precious new twin boys that my friend Mandy (Smith) Raymond just had last week. Mandy was a dear friend of mine in middle school and high school, and our families were always spending summer days on the lake together. Her and her husband Chris got married in December '05 and needless to say now their lives will never be the same. I am looking forward to visiting the new little ones when I go home to visit Tennessee next week.


Are you kidding me?

I saw this ridiculous guy on TV the other night and just had to take a moment to vent. "Adam the DreamHealer" is a 19 year old from Canada who claims special healing powers. I decided to watch it to see what this guy was claiming and how ABC dealt with it.

Adam’s story begins around the age of 15, where he claimed he began to experience telekinetic events such as pencils flying into his hands, although apparently no one but Adam actually witnessed these events. More importantly, it is claimed he cured his Mother of MS. That clearly convinced his family, and his parents now work full time on Adam’s business of lectures, tapes, books etc. (He couldn’t cure his sister’s acne though - “I wasn’t about to waste any energy on a little pimple”. Don’t bother this guy with trivial stuff.) But his fame grew after he cured musician Ronnie Hawkins of “inoperable pancreatic cancer”. He achieved this through a series of long distance treatments (ie he stared at a picture of Hawkins), over eight months, after which, Hawkins’ tumor had gone. Are you kidding me?

It showed him in action at one of his seminars. With infra-red cameras, we could see Adam supposedly manipulating the auras or “quantum holograms” as he calls them of the people in the room. His actions were compared to Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report, who moved images in this way. To me he looked more like a kid pretending to do some kind of Kung Fu or Jujitsu moves he’d seen on TV. I’m not surprised he wanted the lights out – I don’t think I’d want anyone to see me doing anything as daft as that either. Still, Adam claims to be able to see auras, detect what is wrong with a person and manipulate brainwaves with these techniques.

But the truly hilarious piece was the explanation of where Adam got all his scientific knowledge. If you didn’t see the program, I promise you that I did not make up what you are about to read. Asked how Adam is so sure what he does is real, he recounted how, when he was 16 he had a dream telling him to go to an island to meet a large black bird. Apparently this dream impressed his parents so much that the next day they went with him to the island named in the dream. (What understanding parents!) There, on what appeared to be acres of forest or wild land, Adam found (drum roll) – A BIRD. Amazing! What are the odds? It gets better. Adam’s parents were so impressed with this bird they took a picture of it

Don’t believe it? Don’t have to – here’s the picture they took of the bird to prove it:


I have to admit, it took me fully a couple of minutes after that before I could stop laughing enough to hear what followed.

Here is his website if you want to entertain yourself: DreamHealer web page.

Again, are you kidding me?

Trail Dog

Today JR will set out for his big hiking/camping adventure on the Appalachian trail. Dont worry he is not doing the whole thing hahah, just a part of it this time, I think 30 miles. He is going to the Smokey's to meet up with Richmond's dad, Steve, tonight and they will head out tomorrow morning for a 4 day adventure. JR has been thinking, dreaming and preparing for this trip for over a month now. He has always LOVED the outdoors and wanted to hike/camp whenever he could. Because of school he hasnt had a chance to do so and so now that he has a break for the summer he is taking advantage of it. He has bought all sorts of new "contraptions" (as I call them) for the new trip. The whole goal is to get your pack as light as possible and so his goal was 20 lbs, which I think he has made it to. New purchases: Extra light sleeping back, water boiler, hiking boots, extra light tent, extra light toothbrush, extra light shirts, extra light water bottles , okay I may be exaggerating but only a little!! :) But I think his favorite new purchase, a dehydrator. He has made enough beef jerky to last him about 3 weeks I think haha, and dried peaches, plums, strawberries, you name it! Every hiker, well serious hiker I guess I should say, has to have a trail name. Steve's is "Moonlight", and now he has given JR his own, "Trail Dog." Pretty funny huh? Well please keep JR in your prayers this weekend, that they will be safe, stay as dry as possible, and see lots of God's beautiful creation. Love you sweetie, Have fun!

Jackey's shower

Yesterday I helped throw a shower for a friend here at the seminary, Jackey Perry. She is due with her first baby, Miss Abigail, on July 23rd. We had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship with some very sweet women of the seminary circle. Jackey got lots of great goodies for Miss Abigail. Tara, Elizabeth and I did a basket of monograms.... I know I know, of course I had to use my machine for something :)


Watch out Tiger Woods

Mason competed in the Tennessee National Golf
Tournament and WON!!! As you can see from the score sheet Griffin shot a 75. Dad and I have given him the nickname of "Moose the Masher" and he is definitely proving himself in that name. I am one proud sister!!!

Father and son also participated in the state "Father/Son" tournament and won 2nd place. What a team they make!!!! Yall make me so proud to be a Griffin :)


Special Visitors

We love it when we get visitors! This past Sunday and Monday my Mamaw Ann and Frank came to visit on their way back through to TN from New Jersey. They are master travelers who love to just back up their camper and start driving... who they end up no one ever knows :) JR and I were so grateful that they decided to make a pit stop and see us and our new home. We had a great visit and did a lot of sewing! Mamaw taught me to sew when I was a little girl. I used to love to watch her as she worked her magic and made beautiful creations. Now I have taken up her love for sewing and am grateful that she is here to teach me. We hemmed my very first pair of pants, sewed back on buttons AND a took up my bridesmaids dress (dont worry Jenn we did good!) It worked out perfect that she came through at this time because I needed this dress done before Jenn's wedding in August. Mamaw always has done my alterations for anything I ever needed, so I decided who better to learn from? I will have to say, after one minor boo boo (and you have to have boo boo's in sewing, esp when you are first learning hahah), it turned out very well! I love figuring out things that I can learn to do on my own and plan to do everything on my own from here on out. Of course Mamaw is only a phone call away if i need her thank goodness!!! Thanks Mamaw and Frank for stopping by... we love to have you anytime :)


Myrtle Beach here we come

It has been 6 years since this picture was taken of JD, Jessica and I... this was from our high school senior trip hahha. We went to Panama City Beach with a big group of our fellow '01 graduates and made a lot of memories while having a blast doing it. This next weekend we will be able to update this picture because we are headed back to the beach together again! I am so so so excited (of course)!!! They decided to come and visit me in my new home since they are both teachers and off for the summer. I couldnt think of anything better to do than to make the extra 3 hour drive on down to the beach while they were here... so hotels.com + a few hundred bucks = a much anticipated and waited reunion trip to the beach with the Girsh from Rockvegas :) (Great pictures to follow our return!)

Take me out to the ballgame

This weekend we had softball games on Saturday. I played with the church at 11 and we won!!! Can we just say mercy rule :) Then I went with the Graham's over to JR's tournament and watched the Southeastern team play. They won, lost, lost.... it always seems they come out with a bang but then cant hang on! It was a fun day at the ballpark for sure. And doesnt he look so cute in his professional uniform? :)


Wedding Book

I made a wedding book using Picaboo software. Click on this link and you can view it. It was really easy to make and I think really cool! And the plus side is you will have this book forever!!!Try it yourself, you can do it for any occasion :) Great idea for you mom's out there; I got the idea from a co-worker who got one of his little girl for Father's Day. Enjoy!


Red Robin

A new restaurant called Red Robin has opened up in Wake Forest and we get to go there tonight for a preview and eat for FREE!!! I had never heard of Red Robin until I moved here to NC, (I am pretty sure there are not any of them in TN) but it is amazing!!! Great burgers and ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES... who could ask for more :) :) :) Please go and visit a Red Robin near you so you can see what I mean... and no this is not an advertisement but a friendly suggestion because I dont want you to miss out hahah! Hope everyone has a great weekend. JR and I have softball all day on Saturday and plan to just relax on Sunday, nothing too exciting but hey you need weekends like this every now and then! Next weekend I look forward to JD and Jessica coming to visit me and we are headed to Myrtle Beach... YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!


Mista D and the bling bling

Ok so I always hate when people try to tell those friend of a friend stories to try and make themselves look cool.. but I promise I really do know him :)

This is Damien aka "Mista D" and I am so excited to say that he got the ring this week while he was in LA with the Muzik Mafia. The ring holds much significance in the fact that Big Kenny and Rich (from Big and Rich) only gives this ring to those who have made it! For those who dont know, the Muzik Mafia is a group that Kenny and Rich created to help those rising stars in Nashville. They help them with funding, get their name publicized on tours, and hope to get them signed with a record deal... thus meaning they are going to be a star!!!

You Nashville folks have probably seen his face before, but you should definitely be seeing more of him now. JR and I met Damien and MDA Camp 2 years ago when he came to play for the kids. He is an amazingly talented man who also is an ordained minister. Liz and he are best friends and she will one day be his personal assistant... or at least we hope :)

Happy Birthday Natalie Wingo!!!

Today Natalie is 25!!! Natalie and her husband Billy live in Olive Branch, MS (very close to Memphis where she grew up) and she teaches elementary school. Natalie and I met our freshman year of Phi Mu and before then I honestly never knew I could laugh so hard. She is incredibly funny and so much so that her friends love to just sit around and watch her as she dances her goofy dance, does her big bird laugh, makes a joke about Rockwood or simply makes a small comment into something hilarious that makes you want to pee your pants. She also LOVES my Mimi and I love spending time with her family as well. We definitely had some great memories in college with Spring Breaks and random Phi Mu events that she always seemed to lighten with her humor. I am so grateful that Natalie and I still maintain our friendship even though we are now 12 hours apart!!! Love you Nally :)

The old skills are now gone

So I am feeling a little depressed after my recent play in our softball game on Tuesday. Lets just say that Lindsey has not played in 2 years, and seriously like in highschool not in 6 years... HOLY COW! Well JR and I still throw around and go practice at the ball fields since they are in our back yard so I thought I would be okay. I am playing Right Center field and batting 2nd, which I am honored at the respect of placing me there. Well lets just go ahead and say that I am glad it is only church league and there actually are people who are worse. I missed a line drive straight to me in the outfield in the 1st inning... not a good start. Although I will have to say that it was a night game and those crazy ball park lights were blinding me, yea i know... still no excuse!!! Then batting was a hole nother issue. I hit a single the first time and then proceeded to either ground out to SS or pop up every time after that. JR was playing with us this time and so every time this happened he knew to steer clear of me b/c I was upset. I am not sure why I am so DANG competitive but I am and so therefore am very hard on myself. I have another game Saturday so I am hoping to redeem myself. Nonetheless... I will continue to practice in hopes of returning to the glory days, but in reality knowing those are long gone :(

On a lighter note, I am loving that my husband is not in class right now!!! We are having some good fun together, now that his face isnt constantly in a book haha. We went to the beach last Saturday (1st time my camera has vanished out of my purse and therefore there are not ANY pictures to show.. can you believe it hahah?!?!?). We have also had friends over for cookouts, went to other friends house, and saw the first movie in a long time together last night. Ocean 13. Not sure how to comment on it. Liked it okay. Watching Clooney and Pitt made it easier :)


Summertime cookouts

JR and I have been enjoying lots of grilling and relaxing on our screened in porch lately. Last night we had the Graham's over and we had watermelon for dessert... I LOVE WATERMELON! Let's just say I won the contest of who could eat theirs the fastest :)

Apron Time!

I had my very first customer this weekend and we made the cutest aprons for her friend, sister and niece. I am now starting to get those creative juices flowing so you better watch out.. who needs an apron!?!?!? Thanks Joy for being so great to work with, I had so much fun :)

Maisy and Lily

Last Friday night JR and I had the privilege of keeping two of the cutest little girls in the world, Maisy and Lily, while their parents went on a date night. We sang songs, played hid and seek, watched a video and sang more songs :) We had so much fun with them and once Maisy got ahold of the camera it was all over haha. Little did she know she was holding it backwards and instead of taking pictures of others she kept taking them of herself. She also played the 'what is your name' game with JR, asking him if his name was hotdog, hamburger, Nanna, etc... so cute! We got this on video along with Lily chasing the popcorn as JR played airplane with her food... too adorable. Enjoy the montage!


One lucky girl

To have a dad that loves me this much. To have a dad who supports me no matter what. To have a dad who challenges me to be the best I can. To have a dad who makes me laugh every time we are together. To have a dad who is the best dad in the world.

I love you Dad! So sorry we didnt make it in to celebrate with you this weekend but know that your little girl still thinks the world of you and loves you so :)


Happy Father's Day

We are so blessed for the father's in our lives! Thank you for the love you have poured into us and the many lessons you have shown us along the way. Today is your special day, and even though we arent there to share this day with you in person, know that you are always in our hearts and we love you so very much!!!


My first purse!

Now the only question is.. who's monogram should go on it?!?!?!

Yes, of course it is orange because I still bleed orange despite living in NC. I know all of you Vol fans especially are jealous :)

Rain Rain Go Away

This past week here in Wake Forest has been gloomy and rainy. There was a student who came in the office yesterday to explain that they were getting married on Saturday here at the seminary OUTSIDE. Oh no.... I immediately thought but did not want to scare them. He went on to say, oh it will be okay, I mean how much rain could we actually get? I then asked him if he had a plan B. He said, "Who needs a plan B?" So as I chuckled deeply, I then proceeded to tell him our wonderful wedding story. You see when JR and I first started talking about our wedding day, I had never dreamed of doing one outside. I had always been that girl who would never risk such an important day due to rain. My sweet fiance at the time said he had always wanted something less traditional than at the church and so I agreed to look into other options. My mother had just moved into a new subdivision on the lake and after searching for sites one day, I drove by to see this beautiful part of the neighborhood. Blue skies, pretty dock, wonderful willow trees all along the lake line, and even better, it was ON the water. I had grew up always being on the lake and so this was special to me. It also created such a relaxing atmosphere, which is what we were going for. So picture it.....

Well we immediately fell in love and went with it from that day on. I would rent a tent and some tables and chairs and it would be perfect. JR had done all of the research he could to ease my fear of rain on our special day and assured me that September had the least amount of rainfall out of any other month in the year. We continued to watch the weather religiously from this moment on....

Now lets skip forward 5 months to Friday, September 22nd. Gloomy skies, I think about a 30% chance of rain, but we are still okay at this point. Wedding is still on outside.
Friday 8am- Chairs are delivered and set into place.

Friday at 1pm- Bridesmaid's luncheon. All of the girls were on the Kingston Riverboat, hoping for a beautiful relaxing ride on the Watts Bar when the gloomy skies started to set in.
Friday 6pm- Still feeling hopeful and are able to do the rehearsal outside

Saturday, September 23rd at 6:30am: Lindsey awakes to a huge lightning bolt outside her window. Let the rain begin...
Sat 10am- The boys are still attempting to play golf

Saturday, 11am- Girls getting hair done and making the phone calls to let guest know that Plan B was now in full affect, we are going to the church!

Saturday 7pm- Lindsey and JR get married in Kingston United Methodist Church and it was beautiful. The power was on and no one was wet... well yet :)

Saturday 8pm- The look on Jenn's face when she realized that even though there was a tent for the reception, it had flooded and now there were puddles of mud all throughout the tent area.
After the initial shock, everyone says, "Hey we can still have fun, let's just take our shoes off!"
And the dancing still went on
And the puddles seemed to get bigger
Let's just say the wedding dress didnt look quite like it did when I first put it on that morning.
And after all the fun was over, Crystal was so sweet to help me get off my shoes... which seemed to have gotten a little dirty too.
Yes they started off white :)
And yes this is really how much rain there was.
Here is the tent on Sunday morning, when it finally stopped raining.
And this was the day Kingston Tennessee experienced "record rainfall" in September.