Apron Time!

I had my very first customer this weekend and we made the cutest aprons for her friend, sister and niece. I am now starting to get those creative juices flowing so you better watch out.. who needs an apron!?!?!? Thanks Joy for being so great to work with, I had so much fun :)


Not-as-Newlyweds said...

I don't remember how I originally came across your facebook page that linked to your blog, but I too graduated from UT and have a blog to keep up with friends and family who are now far away from me. The Lord provided a job for my husband in Florida, so that is where I moved after our wedding (Oct. 2005)! I grew up in Knoxville (middle school-college), and I love the Lord, so I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what we have in common. My sister-in-law also spent a lot of time in Rockwood growing up, because her grandmother and other family live(d) there.

The aprons you made are too cute! My sister-in-law has an embroidery machine, and I hope to get one next year. In the meantime, I save up projects and take them home to TN with me when I need something embroidered. :) She is amazing, and has made some adorable burp cloths, little girl hairbow holders, diaper bags, etc. If you go to my blog (mattandbecca05.blogspot.com) and then click "Brad, Joy, Charis, and Cai" you'll find her family's website. Then click Joy and you can scroll through her blog to see some of her projects. It looks like you have plenty of ideas of your own, but I know I at least, am always on the look out for more ideas and inspiration. :)

Blessings to you!

Missy Davis said...

Ohhhh! I remember I got a plain white apron as a wedding gift that is just screaming for your talents! Let me know what supplies you need and I can send it all to you after we move and you can creative!! I have to get you now b/f you get so busy with all your other orders :)

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

You are so creative! I look forward to seeing what other creations you come up with!

The Greene Family said...

i need one of those so much. Let me know how much you charge... I cook all the time and am always a mess.
so cute!
also what embroidery machine did you end up getting?
love ya