More Birthday...

I wanted to show off my CUTE card that my co-workers made for me. They are so sweet!! We had my party here at the office yesterday since I was not here on my birthday. They are so good to me and I am grateful for such a great crew to work with!
And these are the pretty flowers that my Mom sent me! There hasnt been many birthdays that she has not sent me either flowers or balloons... and yes even though I am not in school anymore she still spoils me. Thanks mom :)


Birthday Surprise!

One Monday night we went out to dinner with the Graham's for my birthday to Red Robin. What I thought was going to be a normal night just going to dinner turned out to be a lot more than I expected.

Elizabeth and I
loving being sang to... I like the birthday song :)

After leaving dinner we all went back to our house to what I thought was going to be playing ping pong with the 4 of us. Can you tell by the look on my face that there was shock that had just came over me haha! What I thought were burglars in our home who were about to shoot at me as soon as I walked in the door (why I am backing up toward JR in the picture) turned out to be my closest friends surprising me!!! JR set it all up and he did SOOO well... it was my first ever surprise party and I was truly shocked. I seriously could not stop shaking b/c they scared me so bad :)hugs all around

my BIG birthday cake with special strawberry filling.. yummy!
all the girls
me and the Walkers

Thank you to everyone who came! You truly made my birthday the most special one yet :) And JR I cant thank you enough for getting it all together. I am glad all of my hints paid off hahah!


What an amazing birthday present!

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind to say the least ha! I went to the Todd's house at 9:30am, and thank goodness I did because she was already at 6 cm!!! Isaac James Todd was welcomed at 3:30pm weighing 7 lbs and 10 oz and he is beautiful :) It was so amazing to be there with them during this special time... as I was the first one to hold him outside the family when he was only 3 hours old! Christina did great and of course Jay was a proud daddy of his first son. Maisy and Lily did not know quite what to do at first, but as you can tell in the pictures they warmed up to him just fine, wanting to hold his hand. JR and I are so grateful for the Todd family of 5 and we love them dearly. I can definitely say that I will never forget my 25th birthday that is for sure ha! How awesome is the gift of life and even more so on your birthday b/c you realize that you once were that small... WOW!

After leaving the hospital, I went to my basketball game and we were able to pull out a victory YAY! I really wanted to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and I apologize that I was not able to answer my phone... as you can see I was kindof busy ha! I promise to return calls and emails soon. I am one lucky girl to have so many people who are so kind to me :)


Baby Isaac

I got the day off for my birthday!! I received a phone call from Christina this morning about 9:30 saying that she was having contractions, so I quickly loaded up and came to their house. Maisy, Lily and I are having fun playing games and watching movies :) We are just waiting until baby Isaac arrives so we can go and hold him. How fun that he is coming on my birthday!!! Pray for the labor that it would go smoothly and safely. I will post again soon to tell the sweet story about what my husband did for my birthday.

Thank you to everyone for all of my birthday wishes :)

25 reasons to be thankful

In light of 25 years, I thought I would take the time to post 25 things that I am thankful for about life as Lindsey:

(in no particular order)

1. I am so thankful for birthdays.... I love birthdays!!! ha of course this one would come to mind on a day like today, but honestly I love everyone's birthdays! I love sending cards and singing the birthday song so that you feel special. I hope that as the years go by, I will continue to love celebrating each and every one :)

2. I am so thankful for JR- God truly has taught me so much in the last year and a half through my marriage and I am so grateful to share each and every day of my life with him.

3. I am thankful I get to spend an eternity with my Savior.

4. I am thankful for the many ways to stay in touch with others. I love people ha! Communication has always been a strong suit for me, and particularly staying in contact with all of those who are near and dear to me.

5. I am thankful to be a big sister! Tyler, Mason and Rachel are 3 awesome kids and I love being their big sister. I am so grateful that our relationships continue to get stronger each and every day.

6. I am thankful for competition- Whether on the basketball court, cheering on the vols, or just playing "Sorry"... I love playing games and competing! :)

7. I am thankful for God's love and mercy His gives to me each and everyday. Oh how good it is to know that He is not yet done with me... thank goodness ha!

8. I am so thankful for being an Auntie! Even though I have not even met Tristan as of yet, the moment I saw that little boy's picture I feel in love and the tears started flowing! God is so good to give our family this perfect gift and I cant wait to watch him grow.

9. I am so thankful for my friends!! Old friends and new friends, each of them hold a special place in my heart. God knew exactly when I would need each of them and there is no doubt that the memories I have made with them will never be forgotten.

10. I am thankful for my church family- JR and I knew we wanted a smaller church so that we could feel more like a family and the last 6 or so months of going there we have truly developed a great relationship with so many there. They are there for us no matter what and we cant thank them enough.

11. I am thankful for this blog :) Sounds crazy... but knowing that I can keep in touch with so many people through it makes my day!

12. I am thankful that love never stops growing. It is crazy to think that JR and I have been in love for so long, and yet that I can truly love him more each new day. God is changing us both daily, and through Him I know that it will only continue to get better and better.

13. I am thankful for God's plan for my life. 3 years ago I would have never guessed that JR and I would be at seminary, and yet in God's perfect plan we have no doubt that this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

14. I am thankful for my family- Our family is very tight knit and I am so lucky to have great relationships with each of them. They give me so much love and support and I am definitely one lucky girl!

15. I am thankful God hears my prayers. Rather I am rejoicing and want to praise Him, or there is a need for someone I know, He is always there to hear my prayers.

16. I am thankful for pictures! I love taking pictures of the many experiences I have in life so that I will forever have a memory. Pictures are all over my house and camera is always in hand ready to shoot :)

17. I am thankful for recipes- Before JR and I got married, I never had any desire to cook ANYTHING ha! Now to friends and family sharing recipes with me, I have given it a shot and turned out to not be as bad as I thought.

18. I am thankful for a great job! Again, never thought I would be a secretary however it totally fits me. I love the people I work with and my boss is great.. what more could I ask for?

19. I am thankful for reunions- Living far away from family and friends, and constantly eager to keep in touch with them, I am so thankful when I get to have a reunion. Our Griffin family has one every year, and Phi Mus like to have 1, 2, or maybe even 3 a year..... and I am loving every minute of it!

20. I am thankful for little kids! God definitely blessed me with a love for all children and there is truly nothing that makes my day more than to get a smile and a hug from them :) I cant wait to one day have my very own!!!

21. I am so thankful for wisdom- When I think back on even 3 years ago, I realize how much I have learned from that point to where I am now. God uses His word, experiences and people to sharpen and fashion us and I love to see how much He teaches me each and every year.

22. I am thankful for laughter! There is just something about getting to laugh that always warms my heart. I love calling a friend on the phone and laughing, laughing with JR when he does something silly at home or taking a break at work to laugh with my friends.

23. I am thankful for traditions. I love coming up with our own traditions as an Isham family, and also continuing the childhood traditions that I have always had. It may sometimes seem a little more old-fashioned, but I honestly think that we are getting away from it too much. How cool will it be to tell our children when we are old, "Yes we have slept under the Christmas tree the night we put it up since me and your daddy first got married."

24. I am thankful for my health- Even though I am only 25, I know that there are other people who are younger than me who have not been as healthy as I have over the years. Besides a broken finger and the occasional allergies, I am healthy as can be.

25. I am thankful for another year! It is crazy that I am already 25 because I used to think back in high school that 25 was so old :) I hope that I will not take one single day of this next year for granted and that I would live each day to its fullest, loving my God and all those that He puts me in contact with.


Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy Birthday to my Jessie V! Love you girl and am so thankful to have had a friend to share so many birthdays with.. is this number 17 for us?!?!? wow hahah... been awhile since 2nd grade huh :) Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Cameron Crazies

We had some GREAT fun at the game! We took our friends Rachel and Justin, who are also sports fans and we all had a ball. I had heard so much about Cameron Indoor before.. and what an experience it was, but I honestly had NO idea. They have the greatest fans I have ever seen.. and yes WAY better than TN fans!! The Cameron crazies were truly crazy ha! I could not believe how into the game they were. They had a cheer for EVERY single play, all the way to the end of the game. They all stood up the ENTIRE time and jumped around screaming, "Let's go Duke!" I loved the traditions that they had and how much they loved cheering on their team.

As you can see from the picture, JR and I were dressed and ready for the big game that was at 9pm! Neither one of us had a Duke shirt, or their color of blue so we decided to wear what we always wear to games... ORANGE! You would not believe how many shout outs we had hahah.. and of course they couldnt say anything bad to us b/c we were ranked higher than them (for the first time ever I know.. but still!) After the Duke game we went over to a friends to watch the UT vs. Memphis game and I think I about had a heart attack :) That was an intense game for sure.. and all I can say is, "Its Great to be a Tennessee Vol!" Now lets just hope we dont choke when it really matters in March :)


Duke Basketball

Guess who scored tickets to the Duke vs. St. John's game tomorrow?!??!?! I am so excited because we have been here for a year and a half now and I have always wanted to experience a game at Cameron. Thank you Seth!!! What a great birthday present for a girl who loves some basketball :)
Stay tuned for pictures once we return!!


Intramural Basketball

Finally took some pics from JR and I's intramural basketball games... enjoy!

look at that screen :)

We had another great night of competition and fellowshipping with friends. I love me some basketball :)


Shower time!

Today I have the first of MANY MANY seminary baby showers for this season. Our friends Nathan and Andria Knight are expecting their first baby in May and I was so excited to get to do some fun things for a sporty boy! His nursery is going to be in baseballs and they are also TN fans :) I think my favorite one for sure is the Little Slugger one.. what do you think? I was very impressed with the little boy I found online FOR FREE!!!!


Up close shot of my main man...

His daddy is a SF fan :)

Celebrating Valentines with my sweetie

Since JR and I were both busy on Thursday, we decided to celebrate Valentine's on Friday instead. It was such a pretty day that we wanted to enjoy some outside time when we first got home so we took the dogs to the park. We had a great time and of course I brought my camera so we took tons of crazy pictures of ourselves and the dogs. We then came home and made dinner with our present to each other.. a FONDUE set!!! We had the "Melting Pot" the Ishams way in the luxury of our own home. I am so lucky to have a romantic husband who had everything ready to go, along with roses and candles... and we watched my FAVORITE movie too! Thank you sweetie for a fun night! I love you my Valentine :)


Great blog for Mom's and Mom's to be!

Prayer of Hannah is an amazing blog that I wanted to pass along to all of my other blogging friends. I know that many of you are mothers or soon to be and this is a great tool of helpful insights on everything you can imagine. All of the topics are along the right side and these women are incredible godly women so Check it out!


A Precious Gift from God!

Jonathan "Tristan" Isham is here!!! He arrived at 6:39pm and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches long. He is very healthy and doing great!!! isn't he SO precious :)

Please pray for Leann as she recovers from her c-section. Unfortunately the epidural did not work and therefore they had to knock her out since she could feel them cutting her. She is doing ok now, but just has to recover from the medication they had/have her on.

Mom and Dad

Proud Uncle Phil and Daddy JC ready for the delivery

It still does not even seem real yet to JR and I, but oh how excited we are! As soon as I got the phone call I just started screaming :) We will get to go home the first of March and I have already called dibs on holding him for like 3 hours straight as SOON as I get there. How incredibly blessed we are as a family!!!!!!!

Valentine Cookies

In celebration of sharing the love around to people who are special to us... Amy and I decided that we would make some cookies so that everyone could enjoy sweets! Amy is a wonderful baker and she was a very good teacher! I had so much fun with the icing.. and we decided to personalize them for everyone. (The guys got mushy names just to be funny ha!) we made 3 dozen!!!
special ones for our hubbies

best friends

no 2 are alike!!!

Seth showing off his personalized one "Sethie"
Mike showing his "Parry Cakes"
Hope and Mary Beth

And my sweetie with his extra special BIG one :)