Griffin's birthday

 I cannot believe we have a 3 year old! Waking up today not being with our little man was hard but we were thrilled to celebrate with him once we got back from our church planting conference in Orlando. We asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he said, "CRACKER BARREL!"
Little brother loves the CB rocking chairs
Daddy and the birthday boy

Granny came to wish him a happy birthday too!

And they sang him the birthday song and gave him ice cream... one happy boy!

He had a package waiting on him when we got back home and was very surprised to have his GDaddy send him his favorite cookies! GDaddy always spoiled him with them in NC and so it was extra special to have a little piece of him!
Griffin also received a birthday card with $3 from a very sweet couple, Jim and Lynn Todd. You'll also notice his new outfit that Granny got him which he LOVES!

We ended the day with movie night and the birthday boy picked... BATMAN!

Birthday Boy Griffin!


We made it to Tennessee!!!

We made it to Tennessee!!! One flat tire and 7 hours later we got to see our home for the very first time. To say that we loved it was an understatement!!

The boys and I ran around in every room singing "Oh HAPPY day!" It was so wonderful to have a place to call our own and also one that we love love love too!
We were immediately blessed by our friend Bobby who came over to help us unload. This man is the real deal.... he loves Jesus and therefore loves and serves others!
And we were continuously blessed with more help! We had no idea these guys, who we didnt even know but were from our new church, were going to come and help us as well!
Along with these sweet people
Even more!

Before it was all said and done we have over 20 people there to unload with us and the truck was all done in less than 2 hours! Here is our new pastor's daughter MariClaire showing off that the truck is empty! We were so blessed by our new church family and completely amazed at how they served us! Plus a very thoughtful family brough us dinner!!! God knew just what we needed before we even had time to worry about it upon arriving to our new home and we couldnt be more grateful :)


Packing it up!

 The day came that it was finally time to say goodbye to the yellow house. I would never say that I liked this actual house however it did teach our family and specifically me so many lessons! It was a humbling experience to say that least and I am thankful for how God used it in our lives.
 We packed everything we owned in the truck today! It was crazy for sure trying to get everything to fit into a 24 foot truck... and boy do you realize how much JUNK you have when you move ha!
We couldn't have done it without all these sweet guys, plus many ladies and even other guys who didnt make the picture. They were so great helping us get everything ready and loaded.
And on the morning of Monday, April 16th, this was my view for 7 hours :)

Off to Tennessee we go!


WOW God!

These past few days I've simply been astonished and can only say, "Wow God... WOW!"

So let me back up to August 2010. We had just been voted onto staff at Bethesda in April and we decided we wanted to be closer to our church to better serve our community. We put our house in Wake Forest on the market for sale by owner. We had a steady amount of showings for 9 whole months but never had a serious prospective buyer. We finally gave up and decided just to rent out our home so that we could still be closer to Durham. God provided us with 4 amazing tenants and we moved to Durham August 2011.

Now fast forward to February 2012, with all of the changes ahead of us with the move and all we knew that we would again have to try and sell our house because we simply could not afford a mortgage AND rent. This time since we were in desperate need to sell and quickly we decided to get a realtor. There had been a sweet guy who was a friend of a friend that had kept us up to date with the market during the time we took our house off the market and so he was the obvious choice for us. We worked everything out with our renters who were so gracious to serve us by allowing us to show our home while they were living there. The house went on the market on Monday and it was sold by FRIDAY.

Did you catch that? Monday- went on the market. Wednesday- buyer came to see the home. Thursday- offer from buyer. Friday-we agreed and wrote a contract. OUR HOME SOLD IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!

I am STILL saying, "WOW God!" I mean really? Can anybody say "C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N"??? It was truly as if God was saying, "Yes, you guys are doing exactly what I want you to do and I am going to be with you every step of the way."

Thank you Jesus for your Perfect plan for us! You knew exactly when we needed to sell our home and have been there every step with us along the way. I continue to be in awe of YOU!

Please continue to pray that the closing goes through at the end of June!!!


Celebrating Easter

 We had an awesome Easter weekend starting with these two faces of our boys when they got their Easter baskets! Sure JOY!
 Carter's favorite part was the candy, surprise surprise :)
 And Griffin couldnt wait to hunt eggs with his new baseball basket.
 They had their first chance to hunt eggs at our church on Saturday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and we were thrilled to have so many people in our community there.
 Ash stole a picture with Carter man
 The boys enjoyed a rare time of having their Daddy to themselves at a church event. Ha you dont know what youre missing until Daddy has to work during all the fun!
That night we were invited to dye Easter eggs with our adopted family and had a blast!

 Our sweater vest boys! They looked so handsome on Easter morning.
 Picture with Daddy at church
Picture with silly boys and Mommy

 Our best attempt at a family photo
 Since I had my camera on hand, I took the chance to capture the boys with their Sunday School teachers. This is sweet Mrs. Laura and Carter.
 Mrs. Debra and Griffin
 Mrs. Debra's husband, Tony. Or as Griffin calls him "G Daddy!"
Griffin and his favorite girls, Ashley and Heather.
 After a wonderful church service we headed to the park to hunt Easter eggs. I'm so thankful for a sweet friend who shares her family with us. Love my Stacey!

 Carter enjoyed the swings
 while Griffin and Daddy hunted the eggs

 Carter started getting sleepy and wanted to snuggle with Uncle Jake!
 This is Mema and Papa. They are the grandparents of the sweet family who has loved us so much and we just adore them!
We also celebrated Johnie's birthday!

So much to celerbate and lots of memories made... we had a wonderful Easter!


Happy Easter!

Happy birthday Susu

Wishing our Susu a very happy 50th birthday today! We love you SOOO much!!!


The GOOD news!

"That's what being "gospel-centered" is really all about- not moving past the gospel, but continually going deeper into it. It's about realizing that the gospel is the final answer to every issue of every problem in life and about seeing the whole world through the lens of the cross." Gospel by JD Greear

Celebrating the news that Christ has risen today! I am humbled and in awe that Christ willingly gave up His life for me and took the punishment that I deserve. Lord, let me never forget the sacrifice You gave and constantly be reminded of the gospel. It is not only good news that I am saved and will spend an eternity with you, but rather seeing my whole life as yours and everything in my world through the lens of the cross.

I just finished reading "Heaven is for real" last weekend and came across this picture of Jesus. I know all to often because I can't visibly see Him everyday in front of me it is difficult. I love this picture of Him though and am mesmerized by His eyes. I am incredibly thankful and overwhelmed with gratefulness this Easter and always for my Savior. May we never forget the cross and continue to share His love with all people.


Family time at the BEACH!

We were VERY blessed to have the chance to go and spend some family time together over the last few days. God provided everything from the time off for JR to a place to us to stay! We drove down Sunday afternoon and so we enjoyed a little beach time that evening after getting settled in.
Griffin was in heaven with all the sand, and it was definitely his favorite part!
Carter was just amazed at the ocean. He has seen it once before, actually last Easter when he was only 3 months old, but this was obviously the first time he knew what was going on.
I am a beach girl through and through so I was in my HAPPY place!
 We had some fun in the evenings walking around Broadway at the Beach and other shopping areas.
 The handsome hubs and I
(picture taken by Griffin)
The brothers enjoyed being strolled and I caught them in a sweet moment of holding hands. They never occasionally get along :)

Momma's silly boys!

 "Mommy, can you help me build a sand castle?"
 While Griffin was building with the sand, Carter snacked with the sand. Goodness it was crazy. I kept thinking, oh if he tastes it then he wont want it anymore. WRONG! He couldnt stop and the next few days gave us sandy diapers!
 Griffin wanted to play with his "friends." He was so cute because he would tell me when he saw another child, "Look Mommy, my friends! Will you go ask them to play with me?"
Carter also made friends with the older crowd everyone within our surrounded area. He was so funny, just walking over to everyone and checking out what they were doing.

 So thankful for time to relax and soak in family time! We will soon begin our adventure that will no doubt be crazy so it was God's perfect timing for a getaway. And I LOVE making memories with my boys!