Family time at the BEACH!

We were VERY blessed to have the chance to go and spend some family time together over the last few days. God provided everything from the time off for JR to a place to us to stay! We drove down Sunday afternoon and so we enjoyed a little beach time that evening after getting settled in.
Griffin was in heaven with all the sand, and it was definitely his favorite part!
Carter was just amazed at the ocean. He has seen it once before, actually last Easter when he was only 3 months old, but this was obviously the first time he knew what was going on.
I am a beach girl through and through so I was in my HAPPY place!
 We had some fun in the evenings walking around Broadway at the Beach and other shopping areas.
 The handsome hubs and I
(picture taken by Griffin)
The brothers enjoyed being strolled and I caught them in a sweet moment of holding hands. They never occasionally get along :)

Momma's silly boys!

 "Mommy, can you help me build a sand castle?"
 While Griffin was building with the sand, Carter snacked with the sand. Goodness it was crazy. I kept thinking, oh if he tastes it then he wont want it anymore. WRONG! He couldnt stop and the next few days gave us sandy diapers!
 Griffin wanted to play with his "friends." He was so cute because he would tell me when he saw another child, "Look Mommy, my friends! Will you go ask them to play with me?"
Carter also made friends with the older crowd everyone within our surrounded area. He was so funny, just walking over to everyone and checking out what they were doing.

 So thankful for time to relax and soak in family time! We will soon begin our adventure that will no doubt be crazy so it was God's perfect timing for a getaway. And I LOVE making memories with my boys!

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Tara said...

Wow, what a wonderful trip! Loved your pictures!