We made it to Tennessee!!!

We made it to Tennessee!!! One flat tire and 7 hours later we got to see our home for the very first time. To say that we loved it was an understatement!!

The boys and I ran around in every room singing "Oh HAPPY day!" It was so wonderful to have a place to call our own and also one that we love love love too!
We were immediately blessed by our friend Bobby who came over to help us unload. This man is the real deal.... he loves Jesus and therefore loves and serves others!
And we were continuously blessed with more help! We had no idea these guys, who we didnt even know but were from our new church, were going to come and help us as well!
Along with these sweet people
Even more!

Before it was all said and done we have over 20 people there to unload with us and the truck was all done in less than 2 hours! Here is our new pastor's daughter MariClaire showing off that the truck is empty! We were so blessed by our new church family and completely amazed at how they served us! Plus a very thoughtful family brough us dinner!!! God knew just what we needed before we even had time to worry about it upon arriving to our new home and we couldnt be more grateful :)

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