The GOOD news!

"That's what being "gospel-centered" is really all about- not moving past the gospel, but continually going deeper into it. It's about realizing that the gospel is the final answer to every issue of every problem in life and about seeing the whole world through the lens of the cross." Gospel by JD Greear

Celebrating the news that Christ has risen today! I am humbled and in awe that Christ willingly gave up His life for me and took the punishment that I deserve. Lord, let me never forget the sacrifice You gave and constantly be reminded of the gospel. It is not only good news that I am saved and will spend an eternity with you, but rather seeing my whole life as yours and everything in my world through the lens of the cross.

I just finished reading "Heaven is for real" last weekend and came across this picture of Jesus. I know all to often because I can't visibly see Him everyday in front of me it is difficult. I love this picture of Him though and am mesmerized by His eyes. I am incredibly thankful and overwhelmed with gratefulness this Easter and always for my Savior. May we never forget the cross and continue to share His love with all people.

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Kim said...

I love this picture, too (and the story behind it). One day we'll see him face to face. Goosebumps. :)