Celebrating Easter

 We had an awesome Easter weekend starting with these two faces of our boys when they got their Easter baskets! Sure JOY!
 Carter's favorite part was the candy, surprise surprise :)
 And Griffin couldnt wait to hunt eggs with his new baseball basket.
 They had their first chance to hunt eggs at our church on Saturday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and we were thrilled to have so many people in our community there.
 Ash stole a picture with Carter man
 The boys enjoyed a rare time of having their Daddy to themselves at a church event. Ha you dont know what youre missing until Daddy has to work during all the fun!
That night we were invited to dye Easter eggs with our adopted family and had a blast!

 Our sweater vest boys! They looked so handsome on Easter morning.
 Picture with Daddy at church
Picture with silly boys and Mommy

 Our best attempt at a family photo
 Since I had my camera on hand, I took the chance to capture the boys with their Sunday School teachers. This is sweet Mrs. Laura and Carter.
 Mrs. Debra and Griffin
 Mrs. Debra's husband, Tony. Or as Griffin calls him "G Daddy!"
Griffin and his favorite girls, Ashley and Heather.
 After a wonderful church service we headed to the park to hunt Easter eggs. I'm so thankful for a sweet friend who shares her family with us. Love my Stacey!

 Carter enjoyed the swings
 while Griffin and Daddy hunted the eggs

 Carter started getting sleepy and wanted to snuggle with Uncle Jake!
 This is Mema and Papa. They are the grandparents of the sweet family who has loved us so much and we just adore them!
We also celebrated Johnie's birthday!

So much to celerbate and lots of memories made... we had a wonderful Easter!

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