WOW God!

These past few days I've simply been astonished and can only say, "Wow God... WOW!"

So let me back up to August 2010. We had just been voted onto staff at Bethesda in April and we decided we wanted to be closer to our church to better serve our community. We put our house in Wake Forest on the market for sale by owner. We had a steady amount of showings for 9 whole months but never had a serious prospective buyer. We finally gave up and decided just to rent out our home so that we could still be closer to Durham. God provided us with 4 amazing tenants and we moved to Durham August 2011.

Now fast forward to February 2012, with all of the changes ahead of us with the move and all we knew that we would again have to try and sell our house because we simply could not afford a mortgage AND rent. This time since we were in desperate need to sell and quickly we decided to get a realtor. There had been a sweet guy who was a friend of a friend that had kept us up to date with the market during the time we took our house off the market and so he was the obvious choice for us. We worked everything out with our renters who were so gracious to serve us by allowing us to show our home while they were living there. The house went on the market on Monday and it was sold by FRIDAY.

Did you catch that? Monday- went on the market. Wednesday- buyer came to see the home. Thursday- offer from buyer. Friday-we agreed and wrote a contract. OUR HOME SOLD IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!

I am STILL saying, "WOW God!" I mean really? Can anybody say "C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N"??? It was truly as if God was saying, "Yes, you guys are doing exactly what I want you to do and I am going to be with you every step of the way."

Thank you Jesus for your Perfect plan for us! You knew exactly when we needed to sell our home and have been there every step with us along the way. I continue to be in awe of YOU!

Please continue to pray that the closing goes through at the end of June!!!

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Kim said...

WOW WOW WOW! That is awesome!!! We had a similar experience when we moved here to plant. We moved here in August and had budgeted to cover our mortgage and rent through January. After months and months of no news we got a call out of the blue that someone was interested in renting to own, starting in February- the FIRST month that we had not budgeted to cover! He made us sweat a little, but as always, He provided. He is so faithful and I love stories and experiences like this. Congratulations on the sale of your house... I know this lifts a HUGE financial burden off your shoulders!