So excited about our Diaper Champ!

On Thursday we received a very good surprise in the mail... the DIAPER CHAMP! I think the UPS man laughed out loud at me when I realized what was inside the box and said, "YAY!" I am sure he was thinking wow woman you get excited easily haha!

But we are that excited for our very first practical gift! From one new mom to another... Jessie you guys hit the nail on the head. I know we will use ours every day too :)



Crafting frenzy

I had the chance to complete some crafting yesterday and it felt so good to be at it again :)
Here are the growth charts for Griffin and my nephew Tristan. I got this idea from the craft sale in the fall and it was super easy! It fits perfectly in Griffin's room and I cant wait to watch him grow :)
I finally got the chance to do some burp clothes for Griffin. If you have followed my blog at all you know that I have always enjoyed doing these for other people and so of course I had to do some for my own son. Sadly I am just now getting around to it.. but nonetheless its a start. I plan to do many more between now and April!

I also finished an order for Ashley. Thanks for your order.. I love doing girl's things still too :)


Best time for an ultrasound?

Alright other moms or pregnant friends... help me out! We are going to do a 4D ultrasound of Griffin, courtesy of his Cici, and I am trying to decide when the best time to do it will be. Right now I have it scheduled for 32 weeks, however I wanted to make sure that he wont be too smashed in there at that point. I asked the guy when I booked it and he didnt seem to have a true answer, but instead said just as long as its before 36 weeks.

What have been your experiences? I want him to have some meat on his bones of course but more importantly would like to be able to see his face before he grows to much and becomes smushed :)

Great unique and crafty baby gift ideas

I have often been hearing the comment, "Well I would love to get you something personalized or handmade b/c it is so cute, however I am sure you have or will be making all of that for Griffin yourself." WELL... haha... let me just say that yes I do plan to do some things for him, however I know that there is no way to get every cute idea out there done so I am not EVEN going to try ha! No in all seriousness, if you are/were planning to do something such as this for Mr. Griffin, do NOT hesistate to do so. I LOVE handmade and personalized things ANYTIME! :)

While searching around to try and decide what I wanted to do for him I ran across these really cute things on either ebay, etsy or just google search. I wanted to share them with all of you so that you too can know what is out there for ANYONE you know that is having a baby. All of the necessity items such as diapers, bottles, etc, are always much appreciated by a mom to be, but if you just simply want to do a little something different then here are some ideas for you!

Personalized Diaper Bag

Diaper Clutch

Car seat strap covers

Personalized pacifier

Pacifier holder

burp clothes

lovey blanket

tie onsie

personalized pillow


Week 28

I now think I could already give Griffin a nickname, "karate kid!" I am telling ya that he kicks and punches me ALL the time now. It was so bad last night that he kept my up past midnight kicking me constantly. I guess that means I am going to have an active little man huh? :) I know that I will miss feeling him move around inside my belly once he is born, however right now all I can think is... 3 more months?!?!?

I am starting to get more uncomfortable with the addition of the larger belly. I have already noticed how it is harder to bend over and tie my shoes, lean across the sink to do the dishes and even just sit straight up. Sleeping at night has been an adventure as well b/c I just cant seem to get comfortable ha! Now enough with all of the realities in the negative.... he will be here in 83ish days!!! Holy cow that still shocks me every time that I think about it. I am a ton less stressed now that mom came and helped me get most of the nursery done, only a few more things and it will be complete! I have also been compiling a list of what momma wants to make for her little one, and made a trip to Joann's today for some new fabrics. I am not going to let myself get overwhelmed with it all b/c there are SO many things I could make him AND I know that just b/c he is born that doesnt mean I cant make more things later. Honestly I will learn so much more once I am a real mom as to what I really need/want... so maybe I should wait. Nah.. I can learn from him and then know for the other Isham kiddos :)

Our ultrasound that we were supposed to do when Mom, Mimi and Rachel were in town got cancelled so we were bummed about that for sure. BUT... we do get to do a 4D on my birthday and I couldnt be more excited now. I cant wait to see what his precious little face looks like!

By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can blink his eyes, which now sport lashes. With his eyesight developing, he may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. He's also developing billions of neurons in his brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.


Thanks Ashley!

Love the new updated background! Ashley you are the best :)

Updated and fabulously decorated nursery and bathroom! Thanks Cici :)

My mom, Mimi and Rachel came in this weekend and we had such a great time getting more done in Griffin's nursery! And remember last week when I was a bit worried b/c I wasnt quite sure how it would all come together in these next 90 days? Well I am worried no more :)

Cici was on a mission FOR SURE! We went out and shopped all day on Friday and it was the first time ever that I have made a list of things that we needed and we actually found them ALL! My mom is for sure the master decorater and therefore I love it when she comes to help me. Thank you so much to Mimi and Rachel for being troopers following us around all day... and a HUGE thank you to both Mom and Mimi who blessed us majorly by helping buy all of these great things! So this is the picture as you now walk into his room.

the whole time I had been saying that I wanted a colorful rug to help tie in all of the colors we had going on everywhere esle. well thanks to target and Cici looking nice and hard.. we found this one and I LOVE it!

see how it makes all the colors from the bedding pop?

Here is his new bookshelf where we can now store all of his books and videos as well as toys AND have a special display of our favorite team too :)

and here is the map finally on the wall, as well as the new shelves that add to it so much!

again.. you all know how much our family loves the vols and therefore it was only fitting that Griffin have his own display of UT sports stuff. I love the little jersey and ball cap :)

We also made some more updates on his bathroom. Cici found the perfect shower curtain with all the colors we wanted and it just pops in there now! We also created our own cute display on the shelf- with the special "Rub a Dub"

also added was the G for Griffin as well as other colorful things on the sink...

how cute are the duckie and turtle???

and last but not least, I made a shadow box to go above his towel rack so that we can put in oh so cute pictures of him at bath time! Oh I cant wait :)

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The Kids Exchange

Saturday afternoon we went to the Kids Exchange at the fair grounds and man was it awesome! I have never seen so much baby stuff in all of my life ha! It was seriously like one GIANT yard sale with just kids stuff. Those of you who do not live in NC, I am so sad that you wont be able to experience something like this, and those who do and didnt go.. shame on you :)

We did learn that we need to go the very first day it is open so that we get first dibs on all of the good stuff, however we did find some wonderful things! Here are some of my favorite little outfits I found for Griffin. We also got him lots of movies and all for a great price!
They will have another one in the summer and I cant wait to take Griffin back with me!

Celebrating 27 years!

Sunday was JR's 27th Birthday! We had a great weekend celebrating which started off with a little date night with just he and I on Thursday night. I figured since this year was going to be a big one for him, becoming a daddy and all, that he made need a few things to get him ready for that word :) He is also obsessed with dominos, mexican train style, and I must say that I love it too... so now we can play that anytime!

On Saturday night we got together with a bunch of our friends at Red Robin to celebrate again. JR was such a trooper bc he had just had his wisdom teeth taken out Friday morning! He didnt let that stop him from eating and enjoying time with friends though :)

Daddy Lewis and look alike Lily Lewis

Isaac man-
sorry Jay and Christina I never got a picture of yall, I was too busy taking pictures of all your precious kids ha!

the Messersmiths and Lily ignoring me :)

Amy, Jordan and I

Mom and Rachel getting ready for Griffin by practicing with Mr. Jackson
Mimi and Maisy

and the Isham family!

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Doctor's Appointment- Week 28

Today we had another checkup on Griffin and he is still doing great. He is measuring 29 now instead of 28 where we are at, but Dr. Holton said that doesnt really mean anything at this point. I also did the glucose test and it was not bad at all! It really just tasted like Fruit Punch on crack :) We should get those tests back soon so just pray that they are well.

So sorry I have MIA in the internet world. We had a great visit with Mom, Mimi and Rachel and also celebrating JR's birthday so I have plenty of pictures to share! Right now the hold up is with installing Griffin's new ceiling fan we had to flip the breaker and now it has messed up our wireless. As SOON as I get that fixed I promise to update immediately, but until then I cant upload any pictures from the campus library :(

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90 days?!?!?!?

Okay I just got REALLY nervous when I realized that last night so I had to share. Can you believe it???? It seems like I always here "90 days..." and it just FLIES by. I am sure these 90 days will too. Now I am off to run around like crazy b/c I have WAY too much to do in these next 90 days haha. Whew I cannot wait :)

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Personalized Thank Yous

In anticipation of the many thanks I will be giving out to friends and family soon at showers and such, I decided to go ahead and get a head start on creating some personalized thank yous for Griffin. I am very pleased at how they came out and as you can tell I like polka dots just a little ha!

Coming to a home near (most of) you soon :)

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Week 27

Week 27 update says that Griffin is getting really big! I will have to say that I am glad to know its him inside of me getting bigger because I am feeling a bit big myself ha! I am feeling some back pains in my lower back, more so at night, and can tell that my sense of balance is a bit off too. The other day I was able to feel him have the hiccups which was really cool. It was a constant movement in my left side and had the rhythm just like when I have my own hiccups. His eyes are open now too, which is crazy. All I can think about is what in the world is he thinking in there :) He is also learning how to get under my ribs as well and let me tell ya that feels great haha!

I am SO excited that on Saturday I get to go have another ultrasound at the pregnancy support center! I cannot wait to see what he looks like now and how he has grown since I saw him 9 weeks ago. Mom, Mimi and Rachel are also coming in town so they will get to see him too!!! I will hopefully get some good pictures and of course share them with everyone soon.

Your baby is really starting to get big. This week he weighs almost 2 pounds and is about 14.4 inches long (like a head of cauliflower) with his legs extended. He now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. He may suck his fingers, and although his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with assistance — if he were born prematurely. Chalk up any rhythmic movement you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on.

Monkey Business

I also wanted to share a sneak peak at Griffin's new monkey bathroom! At the shower last weekend his Auntie Crystal and Auntie Adrienne gave him all kinds of monkey goodies :) We still need a shower curtain and some decor, but other than that he is good to go. I cannot wait until he gets old enough to enjoy it as much as I am already!!!

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I am still in so much shock that we actually got the snow that they were calling for... and MORE! We woke up this morning hoping that JR would not have to go into work, however sadly he only had a 2 hour delay. The other crazy thing is that it is STILL snowing now and they are calling for it to all day. I love seeing the little children outside playing in it as we speak and thinking that next year I can take Griffin too :)

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Phi Mu Girl's Weekend 2009

My girl's weekend started Friday afternoon when I was so happy to get the chance to meet with JR and I's Aunt Stacy! We have not seen each other in a very long time and I was so glad she would get the chance to see me pregnant in person. We had a wonderful time catching up! Love you Auntie Stace :)

After everyone arrived in town we all went to dinner and met up with our bachelorette Monica and her crew. Here are Adrienne and I.

and the twinks- Katie and Crystal

on Saturday afternoon, Katie, Crystal and Adrienne threw Griffin his very first shower! I was so thankful that they were so sweet to take the time out of our weekend to celebrate him. We all do not get together too often so it was a great chance to shower the new addition. We had some great food, played 2 very fun games and of course Griffin was spoiled with some great gifts too. He got his new monkey bathroom stuff, PB picture frame, photo album, clothes, a snuggly bear, UT piggy bank and so much more :)
I do have to brag on Aunt Katie as she came up with this wonderful gift for him. Check out this frame she had made and the pictures she took to put in it! I LOVE things that are made and personalized and this was just perfect!

Here are all of the sweet girls that came! I am so lucky that they took time out of our weekend just for me. I know it was weird for each of them to be thinking about me actually being a mom since all of them are no where close to this stage, but they were such troopers and I am so thankful! It was hilarious to hear all of their pregnancy and "mom to be" questions!

Here are all of the pictures from the shower:

After the shower we went out to dinner before the bachelorette party night. Here are the beautiful Doss and Mel Wallace

the lovely Cradrienne

and me and Katie- aka Katsey

then it was time to celebrate with Monica! look how cute this bachelorette is :)

Bride to be and Mom to be

the whole crew
Everyone had a wonderful night out on the town, or so I heard the next morning. I was sad that I couldnt go and be a part of it but again I didnt want to be "that" girl in the bar that everyone wandered why she was there AND pregnant ha! Katie and I went back to Crystal's and had a girl movie night and it was just what I needed :)
Sunday we all got up and had a wonderful brunch together and then went to see Bride Wars. Sunday evening we were blessed by Adrienne's wonderful boyfriend, Chef Ehren, who cooked an amazing dinner for us all. It was a wonderful treat that brought our weekend together to an end.
As I drove away on Monday morning I was a bit sad thinking about how our girl's weekend will never really be the same again. I will be a mom this time next year with a 8 month old.. WOW! I LOVE my girl's weekends though and know that it will not be my last.
Love you ladies and thank you for more amazing memories together. Love yall so much! :)

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