Last Christmas we bought all the grandparents a webcam so that once Griffin came he could talk to them on Skype. We have done it several times now and I finally remembered to get a picture this time. Look at him looking right into the camera :)


One GREAT weekend!

We had a fabulous summer weekend starting off with a nice dip in the pool on Friday when JR got off of work. We are so thankful for great neighbors that are willing to share their pool with us!

Griffin lounging in Larry the Crab

Daddy got Griffin to kick his feet like a little fish

and I couldnt stop stealing kisses (as usual)!

The on Saturday morning we had a summer celebration fun day with our church. It was so much fun with hotdogs, watermelon, horseshoes, inflatible games and great fellowship. As you can see from the picture my favorite part was at the end I actually WON the raffle and I WON a IPOD TOUCH! I seriously have NEVER won anything in my life so I was extatic :)

Then Saturday night we had a date night! A great dinner and then searching for new things for our Ipod ha!
Here we are enjoying our excellent desserts at Macaroni Grill. If you havent been there lately GO! They have a Chef's special where you get a 3 course meal for $12.. and it is SO good!!!

Sunday started nice and early for us all! JR participated in a mini triathlon here in Wake Forest. He did it with our great friend from church, Mark and Uncle Phil competed as well. The boys had so much fun!

JR and Mark before it began

the Harris family

Griffin and I actually made it before it began!

and here they are crossing the finish line TOGETHER and all smiles :)

Mark, Phil and JR after the race

Griffin and I were so proud of Daddy!


Real vs. 4D

Recently I thought about Griffin's 4D pictures and wondered if they were accurate or not. Here are some of the ones I compared and think it is safe to say he is looking like he did when he was still in the womb. How cool huh???


8 weeks old!

Today Griffin is 8 weeks old and here is what life is like with you now:
eating every 3 hours and a noisy eater!
love your swing and take your afternoon naps there
sleep 5 hours during first stretch at night.. then 3 hours after that
like sitting up and standing up on your feet
give us lots of "ah's and oh's"
can follow people or things around the room
still getting the hiccups ALL the time!
wearing size 0-3 and 1 in diapers

It is so crazy to me how fast he can grow in just one month! He is a totally different baby :) Although I am sad to see him grow so fast, really sad.... I do love this new stage he is in where he knows a lot more of whats going on and interacts with us. He is such a good little boy and we have so much fun!

Happy Father's Day!

To my wonderful husband and best friend, AND Griffin's amazing Daddy-
We wish you a very happy FIRST Father's Day!

Griffin is one blessed little fella to have a Daddy like you. I always knew you would be an amazing dad, but I truly had no idea! You have been wonderful and I simply couldnt imagine having a better partner to go through pregnancy, labor and now parenting with. Your excitement through the pregnancy was like nothing I have ever seen (and that says a lot because you get excited a lot ha!), your support and encouragement through the labor was the rock that I needed to get me through, and the love I see in your eyes every time you look at your son makes my heart melt every single day. "I really love being a Daddy, every single day!" Once I heard you say that to someone, it really hit me how lucky I am.
Thank you for the love that you give both of us every day and know how much we both love you so much!

Happy Fathers Day,

Mommy and Griffin


Jonathan David is here!

Congrats to our good friends Richmond and Elizabeth Graham. They had their first born son this morning, Mr. Jonathan David Graham. He was born at 4:53am and weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. As you can tell from his pictures he has a lot of dark hair! We hope to go and visit the new little one tomorrow. So excited for Griffin's new little buddy :)


Babies Babies EVERYWHERE!

The next wave of babies is definitely in full force! I had lots of friends have babies around the same time as we did.. and now a new wave has begun :) I am so excited for my friends that are expecting and some for the 2nd time! Babies are truly WONDERFUL and I look at Griffin every single day wandering how I can love him any more.

Parents to be: (and sorry if I have the month wrong. I think I remembered everyone!)
September- Jonathan and Lauren Chandlar
October- JC and Leann Isham, Jess and Rachel Rainer
November- Wes and Laurie Couch, Matt and Deana Keathley, Jeffrey and Samantha Lewis
December- Blake and Haley Geabhart, Brad and Lindsey Dobey
January- Jeremy and Gabby Love
February- Micah and Haley Messersmith

Congrats to you ALL!


Aunties Katie and Jenn come to meet Griffin!

This past weekend my best friends from college flew in to meet Griffin! I was so excited for them to get to finally see him in person.. and let me say it was definitely surreal :)

Griffin fell in love with them both and just cooed and smiled at them. I love this sweet picture I captured of him looking at Katie.

Katie definitely spoiled him by carrying him around like this all weekend ha!

And Aunt Jenn couldnt stop kissing him :)

the family at a mudcats game

like father like son- both loving baseball!

Thank you two so much for coming! Please come back soon bc we already miss you!!!!!!!



First Date night!

Friday night we had a date night with the Lewis family. We were so excited to get to finally spend some time with them and for Griffin to get to go on a date with a little girlfriend for the first time too ha! Lily was so sweet and just wanted to hold his hand :)
But Griffin wasnt all that interested yet ha!

Look how adorable she is!

Here is our sweet boy all dressed up for church

AND FINALLY.....The much awaited first date night!!! We finally got to spend some time alone without Griffin this Sunday. He was 5 weeks to the day and all we could say was its about time :)

We had a great time enjoying each other and having some fun playing putt putt, arcade games and then went for ice cream!

And this is the face you get when your wife beats you in Nascar racing ha! Yea he beat me in pretty much everything else.. but we had fun :)

We are so grateful for our sweet friends Wes and Laurie that watched Griffin for us. They said he did great and when we got home we saw that they had had a fashion show with him. Wes had gotten out his swimming trunks that were just a tad big.. ha!

Pictures from Memorial Day

I finally found my camera!! We had such a great trip and cant wait to go back soon :)