First Date night!

Friday night we had a date night with the Lewis family. We were so excited to get to finally spend some time with them and for Griffin to get to go on a date with a little girlfriend for the first time too ha! Lily was so sweet and just wanted to hold his hand :)
But Griffin wasnt all that interested yet ha!

Look how adorable she is!

Here is our sweet boy all dressed up for church

AND FINALLY.....The much awaited first date night!!! We finally got to spend some time alone without Griffin this Sunday. He was 5 weeks to the day and all we could say was its about time :)

We had a great time enjoying each other and having some fun playing putt putt, arcade games and then went for ice cream!

And this is the face you get when your wife beats you in Nascar racing ha! Yea he beat me in pretty much everything else.. but we had fun :)

We are so grateful for our sweet friends Wes and Laurie that watched Griffin for us. They said he did great and when we got home we saw that they had had a fashion show with him. Wes had gotten out his swimming trunks that were just a tad big.. ha!