Happy Father's Day!

To my wonderful husband and best friend, AND Griffin's amazing Daddy-
We wish you a very happy FIRST Father's Day!

Griffin is one blessed little fella to have a Daddy like you. I always knew you would be an amazing dad, but I truly had no idea! You have been wonderful and I simply couldnt imagine having a better partner to go through pregnancy, labor and now parenting with. Your excitement through the pregnancy was like nothing I have ever seen (and that says a lot because you get excited a lot ha!), your support and encouragement through the labor was the rock that I needed to get me through, and the love I see in your eyes every time you look at your son makes my heart melt every single day. "I really love being a Daddy, every single day!" Once I heard you say that to someone, it really hit me how lucky I am.
Thank you for the love that you give both of us every day and know how much we both love you so much!

Happy Fathers Day,

Mommy and Griffin