One GREAT weekend!

We had a fabulous summer weekend starting off with a nice dip in the pool on Friday when JR got off of work. We are so thankful for great neighbors that are willing to share their pool with us!

Griffin lounging in Larry the Crab

Daddy got Griffin to kick his feet like a little fish

and I couldnt stop stealing kisses (as usual)!

The on Saturday morning we had a summer celebration fun day with our church. It was so much fun with hotdogs, watermelon, horseshoes, inflatible games and great fellowship. As you can see from the picture my favorite part was at the end I actually WON the raffle and I WON a IPOD TOUCH! I seriously have NEVER won anything in my life so I was extatic :)

Then Saturday night we had a date night! A great dinner and then searching for new things for our Ipod ha!
Here we are enjoying our excellent desserts at Macaroni Grill. If you havent been there lately GO! They have a Chef's special where you get a 3 course meal for $12.. and it is SO good!!!

Sunday started nice and early for us all! JR participated in a mini triathlon here in Wake Forest. He did it with our great friend from church, Mark and Uncle Phil competed as well. The boys had so much fun!

JR and Mark before it began

the Harris family

Griffin and I actually made it before it began!

and here they are crossing the finish line TOGETHER and all smiles :)

Mark, Phil and JR after the race

Griffin and I were so proud of Daddy!


The White Family said...

I can't believe how big Griffin is getting!! BTW- You look great! Glad everything is going good! Congrats on the phone! How exciting!

Tara said...

Thats awesome JR! Congrats on the accomplishment. Griffin is getting so big and so cute. Lindsey you look great!

Jen&Dave said...

I can't believe you won an iPod touch?!?! Lou, you are the coolest mom alive! And Griff looks so hott in his trunks. What a stud!

Anonymous said...