8 weeks old!

Today Griffin is 8 weeks old and here is what life is like with you now:
eating every 3 hours and a noisy eater!
love your swing and take your afternoon naps there
sleep 5 hours during first stretch at night.. then 3 hours after that
like sitting up and standing up on your feet
give us lots of "ah's and oh's"
can follow people or things around the room
still getting the hiccups ALL the time!
wearing size 0-3 and 1 in diapers

It is so crazy to me how fast he can grow in just one month! He is a totally different baby :) Although I am sad to see him grow so fast, really sad.... I do love this new stage he is in where he knows a lot more of whats going on and interacts with us. He is such a good little boy and we have so much fun!