Babies Babies EVERYWHERE!

The next wave of babies is definitely in full force! I had lots of friends have babies around the same time as we did.. and now a new wave has begun :) I am so excited for my friends that are expecting and some for the 2nd time! Babies are truly WONDERFUL and I look at Griffin every single day wandering how I can love him any more.

Parents to be: (and sorry if I have the month wrong. I think I remembered everyone!)
September- Jonathan and Lauren Chandlar
October- JC and Leann Isham, Jess and Rachel Rainer
November- Wes and Laurie Couch, Matt and Deana Keathley, Jeffrey and Samantha Lewis
December- Blake and Haley Geabhart, Brad and Lindsey Dobey
January- Jeremy and Gabby Love
February- Micah and Haley Messersmith

Congrats to you ALL!