Red Robin

A new restaurant called Red Robin has opened up in Wake Forest and we get to go there tonight for a preview and eat for FREE!!! I had never heard of Red Robin until I moved here to NC, (I am pretty sure there are not any of them in TN) but it is amazing!!! Great burgers and ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES... who could ask for more :) :) :) Please go and visit a Red Robin near you so you can see what I mean... and no this is not an advertisement but a friendly suggestion because I dont want you to miss out hahah! Hope everyone has a great weekend. JR and I have softball all day on Saturday and plan to just relax on Sunday, nothing too exciting but hey you need weekends like this every now and then! Next weekend I look forward to JD and Jessica coming to visit me and we are headed to Myrtle Beach... YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!


Liz said...

we have one in the 'boro, but i haven't dined there yet - although i'm pretty sure i'll like as long as they have food :-)

The Greene Family said...

hey- we just got one here in Texas too- so good!
Love ya

Jenn and Chris Looney said...

We have one here near me and Chris also - but never eaten there...will have to try it sometime soon!

Missy Davis said...

Clint and I ate at the one in M'boro once before we moved (since it's not really weight watcher friendly we only splurged once)! But,it was pretty good.