Meeting the new baby!

Today we had our pregnancy confirmation appointment with Dr. Holton. We are so sad that he is no longer delivering so we will be looking for a new doctor this time, however it was great to see him again!

We did indeed find a baby and got to hear the heartbeat! The baby was hugging against my wall and therefore we couldnt get as good of a measurement as we wished BUT he said everything looked healthy. From what he could see he said I was measuring 7 weeks (a week behind my LMP) and the heartbeat was 120 bpm. But again... he said we shouldnt commit to that just yet.

We will go to our new doctor in the next few weeks and have another ultrasound which will be better since the baby will already double in size by then :)

It was really sweet to see Griffin in there with me and funny because he was not sure what to do with me laying on the table so he kept reaching for me to try and hug me and get me up.... he was concerned ha!