Coming the end of May!


We had another ultrasound on 10.25 to determine our due date. They said the baby was 9 weeks and will be due June 1st, which means that they will deliver via csection the last week of May at week 39. The heartbeat was 189 bpm… super fast! So thankful to hear that little beat beat and even saw the baby moving around.

This pregnancy has already been way different than my first two. I was prescribed Zofran for my constant nausea that I’ve had the past 2 weeks (never experienced with the other two). Much to JR’s dismay, I have been pretty moody and hormonal as well.  I’ve also gained 3 pounds already! Goodness this 3rd pregnancy doesn’t take a body any time to “show.” Definitely already a baby bump and having to get creative with my wardrobe. Because of the differences I am at least leaving the option alive that it could be a girl…. COULD being key word ha!

I will start having pictures next week at 10 weeks…. and 1/4 of a way there! It seems crazy that we’ve known we were expecting for so long already. Its been 6 weeks! Technically with my last cycle I am already 10 weeks but my babies always measure a week behind for some reason. That’s okay… a little longer for them to cook :)

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