Gibson and Meadows family Christmas

We were able to spend the majority of a day with each of our different families while we were in and Thursday was Pipper and Cici's day! We just hung out that morning and then exchanged gifts that evening. Griffin loved having Cici and Pipper to play with him... they marched, played with the train, danced to the reindeer and sang JOY :)

giving Pipper his present


big boy backpack!

train table- he had no idea how much he would love it once it was out of the box :)

car carrier

He loves his Aunt Rach! He called out for her every time she was out of his sight.. so sweet!

Potts and Mimi came over along with all the other family. They sure spoiled Griffin GOOD! Well all of us actually ha!

Mom's wonderful spread

More fun times with the birthday twins. Its getting harder and harder to get a picture of these two VERY active boys!

Uncle Ty

Mimi and Potts with my handsome cousins Alec and Drew

Pottsy and Rachey

love my Mimster!

Rare photo of brother and siter here!
1. they dont take pictures and 2. they dont HUG ever :)

all the cousins!

Megan, Caylor, Drew, Alec, Raymond, Rachel, me, Griffin and Tyler

love the tradition of taking this picture every year.. definitely cherish them!

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