Some of my favorite personalized things

It seems that there are SO many pregnant ladies out there these days! In hopes that this would help you either buy for someone you know or if you are those family and friends that keep asking what I might want for Carter... here are some of my favorite personalized things!

I probably got more compliments on Griffin's Pacifiers than any other thing and I just loved that they were unique and there was no question who they belonged to!

I also really loved the bottle/cup labels from Inchbug Labels! Great for church nursery or daycare and they are VERY durable!

I love putting out my sweet friend Heather's adorable business- Doodlebug Designs! We have had her make several personalized onesies and tees for Griffin!

And if you are anywhere in the Roane County area, you can always go to my favorite store there and find ALL kinds of personalized goodies from Ella Minnow Pea!

Last but not least, I loved keeping track of all of Griffin's firsts through his first year. A calendar such as this First Year Calendar really helps you do that, as it supplies you with stickers to just insert on the days and makes it even easier that you can hang it on the fridge and mark away as everything comes!

What are some of yalls favorite personalized things for babies?? Always love to hear what else is out there :)


The Brillante's said...

I have been looking for those Inchbug labels EVERYWHERE! So glad you did this post!

Carol Pedersen said...

Thanks for the plug (pardon the pun) about personalized pacifiers from MyPacifier.com. We see hits from hit.