A Wonderful Christmas!

There was so much joy today watching this little boy enjoy Christmas! Last year he really had no clue what was going on so this year was extra special. Each time he opened a present he said "Ohhh!" and was so excited. He also went around saying "Happy Jesus" skipping the birthday part ha!

This was the scene when he walked into the living room. Daddy had prepared it special so that he would be so excited when he woke up!

This is what he did for about 75% of the day. He was SOOO excited about his basketball goal... and in fact between opening each of his presents he had to go and "shoot it"! :)

I gave the gift of dates this year. More specifically Project 52, where I have planned out a date for each of the 52 weeks of the coming year. Plently more on this to come!

Griffin gave Daddy a book of their pictures together as well as a movie. I wanted them to have something special to remember their "daddy and Griffin time" together because Carter will be joining in soon. It was the first of several emotional moments of the day!

Momma and Carter on Christmas day! Hard to believe we will have another boy for next year's Christmas :)

Uncle Phil came over and spent the day with us! Griffin loved having a playmate!!

With my two greatest gifts on our first Christmas in our own home! One that we will never forget for sure :)

We worked hard on getting his room set up while he was napping... it was a fun project for the day! So...after he woke up, he saw his big boy room for the first time and LOVED it! Here is Mr. Cheese on his bed... once we get some shades up on the windows he will get to sleep in it!

Griffin's new train table in his room. When he took a break from shooting his basketball, he ran into his room yelling "Choo Choo!" He had endless entertainment!!

Our amazing Christmas dinner compliments of the Marsh family. Completely in awe at their generosity! Yet another emotional moment :)

Griffin and Daddy with Jesus' birthday cake. Mommy did the cross and Griffin decorated with sprinkles. It was a precious memory!

And probably the best memory of the entire day.... these precious words from our sweet boy.

Celebrating Jesus' birth today and ALWAYS! Hope yall had a wonderful Christmas too!

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