Happy birthday Daddy and 9 months Griffin

Another year to celebrate JR.. and quite the year we have had. He is now both a Daddy and a graduate and as always a wonderful husband TOO :)

We celebrated Sunday with our church family and had other birthdays to celebrate too! Trey, Jacob and Ashley are like family to us and we were so excited to all get to celebrate together!!!

On JR's actual birthday, Griffin and I went to his office to have lunch with him and celebrate with a cake! JR commented that being a Daddy on his birthday is the best :)

All he wanted was a date night with his wife so we were so thankful to get a night with just the two of us! We went to downtown Durham to try something new and ate a wonderful dinner and then played pool... he wanted to "do something besides just eat" ha.

Happy 28th birthday sweetie :)

Griffin is now 9 months old and we simply cannot believe how big he is. A little man for sure! As always check out what he is into each day at http://www.griffinjonah.blogspot.com/