Celebrating 27 yrs and 10 months!

This was my first year to celebrate a "mommy birthday" and I'll say it definitely made me feel that much older looking at my baby boy and realizing.. "wow! I am a MOM!" But I wouldnt trade it for the world as he was by far my best birthday present. With simple things as him smiling at me, or laughing at me doing something crazy, or leaning in for a kiss- it was priceless!!

We went to Kanki as a family to celebrate that night and it was Griffin's first experience at a Japanese steakhouse. He was amazed by all the fires on the grills and constant action going on, and it was a long dinner which he did very well staying up past his bedtime!

JR and I had went on a birthday date the night before to do a little social dancing. We learned the Waltz. I LOVED it!

And on top of all of that.... I got to celebrate 10 months of this precious boy today!!!