First day of Preschool!

 As a Mommy, there are a handful of days that you are excited that come with your kids but deep down also sad because it means they are growing up! I was definitely feeling this when we took our boys to Mother's Day out for their first day away from me! I balanced it with making it as exciting as possible for them because I knew how good it would be for all of us.

Sure enough our big boy jumped right out of bed and couldnt wait to put on his school clothes, get his "school bag" and carry his new spiderman lunchbox!
Little brother however didn't catch on quite as quick and was just wandering why we were all up so early I think ha!
 I gave my best effort to get their picture together but sometimes it just doesn't happen!
 I was one proud Mommy when I went to get them from their classrooms and they both ran to me with big smiles! I also thought it was funny because they both immediately asked for a drink. I guess not having food/drink anytime they wanted caught up with them!!

Carter cried for probably the first 10 minutes and then settled down. He often was looking for Mommy, but is doing better getting into the school routine.

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