Taking a Moment to Brag on the Best Momma and Teacher in the World!!!

Hello Everybody! This is JR and I just wanted to take a moment to hack my Bride's blog in order to brag on what a great Momma and Teacher she is! I got up this morning to find her material all nice, neat, and ready for her first day of work in three years! I could tell she was super excited this past weekend when she skipped her Sunday nap (GASP!!!!) in order to prepare the lesson for her class! Below is some of her material that I thought I would share with all of you! I'm extremely proud of my pretty Lady and can't wait to hear how her first day has gone!

        A Letter to the parents of her classmates introducing herself!
        Now that's Excellence and I love it!

Clear cut class rules!


She even made a sign for Griffin and Carter to take their picture under for their first day!

And the natural Momma coming out in her making sure that Griffin feels special on his first day of school!

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Rachel Rainer said...

What a sweet momma and a prepared one at the that! Hope you had a great first day Lindsey!