Rockwood High School Class of 2001

I am officially O-L-D and had my 10 year high school reunion a few weeks ago. After months of planning and trying to hunt down all 72 of our classmates, we had a great little weekend together catching up. It first started with a little tour of the high school before our football game.
Not all that much had changed but there was a new cafeteria and it was very interesting to be back in our all of 3 halls :)
Then we headed to the homecoming football game to cheer on our Tigers!

 The crew at the game
And just like old times, we ended our night with a trip to Ruby Tuesdays! It was so fun to be with my girls again!
Then on Saturday morning we brought all of our kiddos together to have a little picnic at the park. Carter met his friend Patrick who is just one week younger than him!
Beautiful Bella and Kyerah
My firstborn and I wearing our gameday gear!
Saturday evening we gathered at our Rockwood Country Club, aka Ratchets and enjoyed some finger foods and catching up with everyone.
 JD, Elena and I
 Katie and Missy did a fun superlative game
 Casey played DJ
 We had some fun singing karaoke!
 I was very happy to see Adrian Bates who came all the way from Michigan! She always kept me laughing in school.. and nothing has changed!
One of my favorite things to do was try and recreate some old picture memories... our "seven" then and now :)
Class of 2001

It was fun to see everyone and hear where they are now. 10 years sure does bring about a lot of change and yet some things never do change. Good times were had by all... and our 10 year high school reunion was for sure a success!

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