Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Here is our Christmas tree this year! JR and I put the finishing touches on it together last night and I am quite pleased. I purposefully did not get the top of the tree in this picture b/c right now it is bare. We are still contemplating whether there should be a star, ribbon or an angel there.... until then we will just have an alf-alfa twig sticking bare out of the top ha!
Here is JR's very own tree for his office that is stocked with his favorite ornaments including guitars, hunting, Tennessee, Cracker Barrel (yes they have ornaments) and several other "country" things :)
Of course you should know we also have a Tennessee tree too! It is out on our back porch and even has orange lights. Thanks to Mom and Leeann for the great idea!
table in hallway
kitchen table decor
Lenox holiday place setting- would you believe I found these on sale for $10 a pack!
my "balls of fun" on my coffee table
Tree light
It is an Isham family tradition to pile up in front of the tree the first night that we have it up and have a slumber party. Of course this will be more exciting for our kids when that day comes but we went ahead and started it last year. JR loves traditions :) I love sleeping in my bed so that my back doesnt feel like I got karate chopped all night.. but hey I am a good wife ha! :) :) :)

Tonight I plan to "light up" the outside so stay tuned for more pictures of that later. Happy decorating everyone!!!


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

The Christmas decor is beautiful!!! I love your Christmas dishes! I have been wanting some of these since I have been married and are always holding out for "the deal". Looks like you got a great one on those. I cant wait to see the outside lights. Keep up the good work!

The Crouses said...

You have done such a great job!! the house looks Beautiful!!! Love love the UT tree!! Maybe I can get Bryan to sleep in our living room....hahahah yeah right!

The Davis Family said...

Beautiful! I especially love the "ball of fun!!"

Casey said...

All of your Christmas trees and decorations look fabulous! I love the idea sleeping in front of the tree...great tradition!