Cutest Costume Award

Last night JR and I had an enjoyable night of sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs and handing out candy to all of the little kiddos. We had many come by and it was so fun to see all of their costumes. We had everything from princesses, cheerleaders, and Little Red Riding Hood to power rangers, hulk, and scooby doo. I will have to say that hands down the cutest costume I got to see in person yesterday was Miss Chloe Bible. Is she not the cutest?!?!

Stay tuned for pictures of my mom who decided to go all out this year and dress up for the 100's of kids who come through her neighborhood. Her comment to me was, "Well I dont have anyone to dress up anymore.. so now I just have to dress up myself." Gotta love Cathy :)


Jeremy and Lacy said...

So cute! I know that you enjoyed seeing all the little ones dressed up. That is one of my favorite parts of Halloween!

The Crouses said...

You will be a WONDERFUL mother one day!! :)
You are just so sweet!! (Bryan has told me this too) To bad I don't really know you! Thanks for adding Brylee to your cute "costume" post!!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh thanks Lindsey for adding Connor to your list of cutest costumes! I got it back in August and after I saw it, I knew it MUST be his 1st Halloween costume! It sounds like you all had fun! Cant wait to see pics of your Mom!