I love sweet little girls!

Last night JR and I had the privilege of babysitting two of the sweetest girls I know: Maisy and Lily. Their mom and dad went out to dinner for a date night and we hung out at our house and had a GREAT time! They are so darn cute and very well mannered so it was fun! Christina was so sweet and brought us dinner... a very yummy spaghetti lasagna. After dinner I gave the girls some homemade pudding and oh did they love it! You can tell from the pictures they dove right in :) After dinner we played with baby dolls, dressed up with my jewelry, played with Major and Maddie and watched Dora the Explorer. I loved watching JR with the girls... it definitely makes my heart melt. He is so good with them haha. There was one point where he was dancing around to Dora's music and holding the baby doll... right then it hit me how fun it will be to see him as a dad :)
Lily REALLY loved the chocolate pudding
Maisy REALLY loved the camera :)
And JR REALLY loved taking care of the girls... such a sweet picture!

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

How fun! I used to love babysitting for my friends 2 girls! They are so fun because you can play dress up and they think it is just the most fun! The pic of JR is sweet. It is so awesome to watch your husband be a Daddy! I love to watch Brad with Connor, so sweet!