Shopping with the girls!

Saturday, Mom, Rachel and I went down to Chattanooga to see Katie and her new home for a day of SHOPPING!!! We had such a great day getting ideas for decor for our new homes from Mrs. Martha Stewart herself (my mom). We pretty much shopped all day till we about dropped. We got so much stuff that we ourselves could barely fit back in the car haha! Then we went back to her new home and played with her little dog, Joe. He is too cute :) Thanks for a great day girls.. Love you!

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Amber said...

hello my darling! I didnt really have much of a pattern to go by, I just had an idea.....

but I am opening up a fabric store online.... it will be completely ready on December 1st!! it will have patterns and materials that are my favorites.... check it out. www.thimblefabrics.com it doesnt have much on there right now but i will be updating it with more stuff tonight!

I saw your cute little outfits you made! so sweet!