A Camp Family Reunion

Saturday Night JR, Phillip and I met up with some of our MDA Camp family. It had been WAY too long since we had all been together... and it was easy to tell b/c of how big their kids were ha! It was so much fun to catch up though and hear how the Lord has blessed each of their families. There is a bond that we all share that enables us to pick up right where we left off and know that we have loved each other all along the way despite the distance and different roads we have taken. Love you guys.. it was fun and we HAVE to do it again soon :)

the whole crew~ kids and all :)
Hannah, Abby, Leah and Ethan dancing
Aunt Liz with the girls
JR and his buddy Ethan
Melissa and I
Rileyme, Liz, April and Amy

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Liz said...

okay its official april & travis' living room is haunted b/c i got the same weird shadow bubble things in my pics too - whoa :-) oh and why do april & i look like we see dead people anyway? ha ha.