Boy weekend

This past weekend JR, my dad and my brother Mason went on an adventure in the Smokey's. Despite them coming out of the mountains a little earlier than they expected.. they had a wonderful time of male bonding :) According to professional hiker and close friend of ours, Steve Graham, it seems that Dad and Mason were given their trail names on this first trip together: Dad {Indiana Jones } and Mason { Tiger } . I will definitely have to get the stories on those names from {Uno} aka JR ha! Glad you boys had fun :)


Denira Baird Williams said...

they look like a bunch of mountain men!!!

Steven Graham said...

Your Dad was wearing a hat and sun glasses just like Indiana Jones with the arms of Super Man and your brother hiked up to Clingmans Dome behind UNO like he was on flat ground carrying a golf bag.Anyone who shoots a low score of 67 should be called TIGER.As for UNO , haven't seen hide nor hair of him since he talked that poor guy with a truck into giving us a ride back to Newfound Gap.