Go Govs Go!

Friday night I made it home in time for my Uncle Scott's 1st round playoff game at William Blount. They played Campbell County and won 28-0 so that was awesome! I will have to say I definitely miss the high school days of getting ready for that big game all week and just the atmosphere that is there. I must also say that if you are ever coaching or playing you definitely want my Mimi on your side :) I had watched games with her in the past but it had been awhile so I had forgotten how intense she gets haha!!! Check out the video below... and I could have put it on here about 1,000,000,000 times because that is about how many times I heard it in the one game I was there!!! :)
me and Mimi

The "Gov"
Mimi making her 15 phone calls to just about everyone she knows to tell them they won the game :) Oh Mimi!
Coach Meadows giving the team a pep talk and congrats after the game
Coach Dad and Coach Mom
(This is what everyone in Governor land calls Mimi and Potts ha)

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