Welcome Carter!

I have been eager to share the pictures from Mr. Carter's arrival! I'll be back to post more but for now just enjoy the pictures and videos :)


Mr. and Mrs. Reckard said...

What a sweet boy. He is so cute and looks a lot like Griffin! I am glad all went well and you have a healthy, happy family! Prayers for you for a speedy recovery!

Melinda and Jonathan said...

So... you don't know me, but I read your blog through Jenn Wade's. I am pregnant with my first baby, so I really enjoy reading other blogs about pregnancy, family, etc. Anyway... I watched your video last night and CRIED my eyeballs out. Your family is just so, so sweet. And I LOVE Griffin's first encounter with his little brother. Oh my gosh, I LOST it when they both started crying. Congrats to you and your family on another healthy boy!