Project 52: Week 5

Tonight we had a little Wii Mario Kart Challenge for our date night. We originally were going to finish Carter's nursery, however somehow I managed to get all of that done already. So... knowing that it was our last night of the two of us for awhile, we just played like kids! And I'll be even more honest, we got bored with it after about 45 minutes and then decided to each do our own thing as one last VEG OUT before a newborn rocks our free time ha! JR is now playing Madden football on the Wii and I am catching up on blogs and stalking people on facebook. Oh... arent we so crazy :)

I do love to just do nothing "with" JR though... and am thankful he too wanted to take advantage of this last night to just do nothing! We had a rather crazy day today, you can read about it the next post, so I am off to bed! Going to pray Griffin sleeps and I can have a decent nights rest... while I can!

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