Family of Four!

We are now officially a family of four and I am not even sure it has truly sunk in yet! It is so overwhelming to bring a new baby to the family and I am so blessed to now be a mom of 2 wonderful boys! The delivery went amazing and seamless, recovery has been good except my crazy cough that wont seem to go away and now we are doing our best to transition into a family of four. I'll be honest.. I am A LOT more intimidated this time around! With Griffin, I could just concentrate on him and his every need but now there are TWO :) It should be interesting once I am on my own with them both during the days but for now I am blessed to have my Mimi staying with us, who is Griffin's favorite playmate!

It has been incredibly sweet to watch Griffin with his little brother. He is so proud and hasnt shown any jealousy, as of yet. He is very interested in him, often asks to hold him and gets really worried anytime he cries. "Its okay, Carter," he will say... how sweet!

Carter has been a great baby this first week. He is definitely an eater, man I forgot how crazy it is to nurse every 2 hours or sometimes 1! He loves to be held of course but is doing just as well when he is all swaddled up. Last night he went 5 hours between feedings... OOPS! I hadnt had to worry about setting an alarm bc he would always wake me up plenty before the 4 hour mark, however last night I think JR swaddled him in so well he was comfy enough to just keep sleeping. I am sure it was a fluke, but I can hope not!

Its amazing how the love is just so instant. I want to hold and kiss on him all the time....

And I love the most seeing my 3 boys together. I can forsee so many more fun times in our family's future :)

Bringing Carter home has DEFINITELY made me realize how big Griffin is. He has had some outings with Daddy this week to get them both out of the house and I just love this picture I snapped before they left one day. He will always be my baby but I cant deny how grown up he is now!

And I leave you with this.. which makes me laugh so much. We had someone come over to take pictures of Carter yesterday and of course Griffin, the cheeser himself, couldnt let the camera be out without him posing in front of it! He wanted to wear his "helmet" and so here is what we captured!

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