Trip to NC

 A few weeks ago we had a trip back to NC for our house closing. We were excited to be able to visit our family there as well! Griffin got to see his girlfriend Ashley.....
Uncle Jake and Aunt Stacey

 Pool time with my bestest friend Nicole and her boys
LOTS of spoiling from Mimi and GDaddy who let us stay with them

And even a photo shoot with this beautiful girl for her senior pictures. More on that to come!

Unfortunately we had to cut our trip from 5 days down to only 1 1/2 but we tried to soak up every minute we were there! It was very odd visiting NC now instead of living there and visiting TN. We loved getting to see everyone but it was also bittersweet bc it went much to quick.

We were able to close on our house... PRAISE THE LORD! It was very hectic and many times didnt seem like it would ever really go through. So thankful for that HUGE load off of us though... God is good!! We never realized how excited we would be to NOT be homeowners :)

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