3 little Whiteheads

We had a very special visit from the Whiteheads last weekend. Mark and JR were great friends in college and he was also in our wedding. This was the first time our kiddos have met and they had a BLAST! Griffin had his first slumber party and you could tell they were excited because we finally had to separate them at 11:30 because they were still giggling!
Their youngest was only 5 months old and little Neely was the. best. baby!
It was fun having a house full of kiddos!

 I couldnt get enough of this precious girl. I promise you she is the best baby I've ever met. Never once cried, always smiling and will let anyone hold her. I'm praying for a child like this next go around ha!
Her big sister Brylee and big brother Nolan were too darn cute. They kept us smiling with their sweet southern charm and accents :)
We all braved going to the game with 5 kiddos under 4.... and it was a success!
I loved seeing these kids all together and we hope they will come back soon!! Go Vols!

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Kim said...

I think it's a girl thing! Lilly is like that and SO different from how Jake was. Hmm... maybe you two should try for a girl??? :)