Griffin reunion and Alabama family

I was so excited to take Griffin to his first Griffin family reunion…. well obviously ha! I remember going to the reunion when I was younger and met this Griffin. I vividly remember saying, “One day I want to have a Griffin too.” And of course now I do!
Dad and his Uncle Frank. My grandfather, Max Griffin, was one of 11 kids so we have lots and lots of family there now after 4 generations. We tragically lost Papaw Max in a car accident when I was only 7. I am so thankful we have been able to keep a connection with everyone almost 23 years later.
Our part of the Griffin family, including my dad’s brother, Uncle Ray, and his family.
My grandparents both grew up in Alabama, Rainsville to be exact. When we go down to visit we also always see my Mamaw’s side of the family, who I am actually closer too. This is her and her two sisters.
I am the odd one out in this cousins picture, in two ways actually. First the obvious… I look like a midget around all of them AND I am the only one who isnt confused about what color to wear on gameday! But also because they are actually my Dad’s first cousins and my 2nd. However, since I am closer in age to them I am the one who grew up with them. And boy do we have some fun memories together!
Now the cousins have extended more with marriages and kids!

And although my Dad should really be in the “cousins” picture, he has now moved on up to the grandparents picture. Too funny!
Love all these people and just wish I could see them more often! Thankful they still put up with us even though our family branch bleeds orange Smile

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