Anniversary Staycation

This year for our anniversary we decided that even though we didnt have the money to do anything extravagant we would have a staycation for the weekend... JUST THE TWO OF US! It was amazing to have 3 days of adult time and we are so thankful for the grandparents who made it possible for us!
Thursday night was spent telling all of our family the great news about baby #3. Everyone was surprised and happy all at the same time and we loved being so close to be able to tell them in person.div>
Friday we spent the day in Pigeon Forge at the outlet mall. It is a favorite place of ours and we always like to go at least once a year. We went to dinner that night and then decided to go back where it all started for us 14 years ago.... Rockwood High School! It was their homecoming night and JR hadnt been back for a game in almost 10 years. It was great to see everyone and visit with Phillip and Kelly who were in town as well.
Saturday we spent our day at UT's campus and had another walk down memory lane. We get to go there for the games but never get the chance to take our time and walk around to see everything. We spent the day tailgating with friends and soaking up the Big Orange Gameday atmosphere. This picture was taken in one of their fun FREE photo booths!
It was nothing but sunshine all day long and a beautiful first day of fall to walk hand in hand with my love. We had a blast even though our team played pretty awful. Thankfully we still beat Akron!

I love that we do not need extravagant hotels, fancy dinners or expensive gifts to celebrate. We are literally living on LOVE and I wouldnt have it any other way :)

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