Pinterest made me do it!


“Pinterest made me do it” is often a phrase used in my home. There are a gabillion ideas on there of how to get crafty and I’ll admit I’ve been bitten by the bug. In preparation for football season, I decided we not only needed a fun wreath but more UT décor inside. To say that there is a little bit of orange is an understatement!

I’ve deemed this shelf in my kitchen the place where I will make our home feel seasonal. I was pleased to pull out all my UT stuff and realize I in fact have accumulated a ton. There is just something about living back in Tennessee where other people get the orange that makes me sport it loud and proud Smile

I made the plaques by wrapping checkerboard fabric that I had around a canvas and then adding a vinyl letter. Easy peasy!


I also have an addiction with only gifting things I can personalize. When I found out the my cousin was having a girl and using HOT PINK in her nursery, I knew these were the perfect additions for her!

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