Carter's nursery

I have been working hard all week to turn Griffin's old room into Carter's nursery! I couldnt quite justify buying all new bedding AND totally changing everything (1. b/c of $ and 2. b/c I honestly dont like anything out there better!). I did however make a few changes, as you will remember this was Griffin's nursery when he was born.

I was so excited to add an end table beside the rocker so that I could have a place for things during the late night feedings. Susu also made a fabulous blanket for his carseat so he can stay extra warm! And as you can tell he isnt hurting for clothes either... thanks to big brother and a few new additions as well!

Some personalized things too that I love! The bottom right picture is hard to see but its a frame I made that I will put his newborn picture in and there is a spot for his birth stats as well.
I sure hope he likes everything!!! :)

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