Project 52: Week 1

For Christmas this year, I decided to do something for JR that would last ALL year... and best of all it was FREE! I follow this blog where she has done a project for the last 52 weeks of the year, deeming it Project 52. Each week she has planned out a date with her husband so that the two of them can guarantee some concentrated one on one time at least once a week. What was so appealing to me was the fact that most of her dates were held in their home once the kids went down for bed. This is key for us since we will soon have a newborn again and thus have 2 small kids making it very difficult to get a babysitter and go out often.

So.. my present was a copy of the pledge that we both must sign, saying that we agree to complete the project for 2011 AND a list of the potential dates we will have each week. This took a lot of planning for sure, but anyone that knows me knows that planning should be my middle name :)

Here we are at week 1. (Another rule is that we have to document each week so that we can look back and remember our times together.) This week's date wasnt all that exciting, but nonetheless essential as we look to the new year: Goals for 2011! We purposely stayed in normal clothes (another rule is you cant be in your pjs), had some coffee and cookies to enjoy and talked about what we wanted to accomplish this next year.

These are some of the ones we came up with for our family:
-complete our dates each week for Project 52 :)
-sell our house
-establish a budget and meet it
-have family devotion after dinner
-2 couple devotions a week
-take a day trip to the beach
-take a day trip to DC
-save for a car
-community outreach once a quarter
-send Gift (our Compassion International adopted girl) a letter once a month

We also made personal goals as well as some for Griffin: be potty trained by 2, learn his ABCs, 123s, shapes and colors!

We now can say we have officially started the project, but both agreed that these serious goal setting ones arent too fun ha!

Looking forward to this special time with my sweetie each week!

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Mandy said...

I LOVE this idea! My husband and I have been considering weekly date nights. Having one at home would be soo much easier!