Praising God for His faithfulness!

I just received a phone call from the hospital that we will be delivering Carter at and they proceeded to tell me that we have been approved for 100% assistance. This means they are covering our ENTIRE hospital bill and typically with a csection its around $6-8K!

I'm simply speechless. I broke down on the phone with the woman and then again when I called JR to tell him. My sweet husband just responded, "God is good to us sweetie." Man is He ever!

With me staying home and JR just started out at the church we are by no means rolling in the dough and in fact our savings would have pretty much been depleted after the delivery. It was okay though because the blessing of a child has no price tag and we were fully prepared for it. It just amazes me though that when we are faithful with the money He has given us, He blesses us 10 fold. Just last week we gave sacrificially to our Christmas missions offering, as in gave so much it made me gulp. But isnt that what our money is for? Ultimately our mission is to share His love with ALL peoples and ALL nations. So again, didnt think about it anymore once the check was written and then less than a week later this is His response to us.

He takes care of us and is truly faithful. I do not say any of this to say, "Hey look what we did, " but instead hope to point you to Jesus. May our lives be a testimony to Him....for He is the faithful, constant Provider, and loving Father!


Maranda said...

That's AWESOME, Lindsey!!! God is so good!!!

Nick said...

Great news and totally agree about God's faithfulness when we give sacraficially. A short book called "Fields of Gold" by Andy Stanley is an eye opener in that area. Congrats again and good luck!