Project 52: Week 4- The Lion King

I have SO been looking forward to this date night since we booked our tickets back in November. We were completely blessed by an anonymous donation from a church member and decided to use it as a time out for the 2 of us since we hardly ever get to have them! JR had never been to a Broadway play before and my all-time favorite Disney movie is the Lion King- therefore it wasnt a hard decision to go and see it at the DPAC!

It was a lot of fun to get dressed up and have a night out of the house... especially knowing it would be our last before we became a family of 4. Griffin wanted in on the picture taking and I am glad he did because this just might be our last picture of our family of 3!

The show was EXCELLENT! We were both amazed at how cool the costumes were and all the details that went into it. I had to make myself not burst into song the whole way through... love the music :)

Another huge blessing was that Griffin got to hang out with Uncle Phil while we were gone. They have become BIG buddies these days and Griffin didnt even care that we were gone. I love seeing them together... Griffin just laughs at EVERYTHING Phillip does ha!

At intermission, I decided to check and see how he was doing and this was the response I got. FUN TIMES no doubt :)
This will definitely be one of the most memorable date nights this year!

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