Project 52: Week 3

Week 3 was our game night! We both love to play games and are pretty competitive so it makes nights like tonight very interesting. Luckily we have come a long way since the days when we were both SO competitive and HATED to lose that we couldnt play anything together without fighting ha!

The night started off good for me... I beat him in checkers for the FIRST time! He loves checkers, especially the table set at Cracker Barrel. We found this set today actually at the consignment sale for $2!
Part of our date night was to play a new game together. I had played Phase 10 once before, but he had never so that was the game we chose. It started off slow since it is harder to play with just 2 players but someone got the luck of playing for the first time and just BARELY beat me ha!

We ended the night with Yahtzee.. one of our all-time favorites. As you can see from the picture, he got lucky again. Ha jk... but he really beat me bad and I was very mad at the die :(
We had great laughs nonetheless and enjoyed another date night together!! Next week we actually leave the house and head somewhere I have been waiting to go since back in November. Stay tuned!!

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