A bit of excitement

Yesterday was an eventful day to say the least. My sweet friend Amy surprised me by coming in town and took me to get a pedicure! On our way home at about 4pm, I started feeling not so well. Carter was EXTREMELY active and was causing me to be nauseous. I came home and kept having tons of pressure and so I just stayed seated. After dinner by 8:00pm, I started to realize that my uncomfort might actually be contractions and decided to start timing them since they were getting worse. Sure enough, they were coming every 5 minutes and I decided to call my doctor at 9pm. He said I needed to come in and be checked so we RUSHED to get our bags packed, something that was on my to do list for this week but wasnt done yet! I was SO thankful to have Amy here to not only help us get ready to leave but also stay with Griffin while we were at the hospital. I continued the contractions the 30 minute drive there and by the time they had me hooked up to the monitors they were 3-4 min apart and measuring between 70-100 (100 being the highest I could see... at least on the charts). Anyways, after being checked I was only 1 cm dialated and they decided that since I was not quite full-term yet (2 days shy of 37 weeks) that they needed to see if they could stop the labor. They gave me a shot and hooked me to an IV for fluids and proceeded to watch us until 2:30am. My contractions finally stopped after 2 1/2 hrs and they discharged me.

I wasnt sure whether to be bummed or excited ha! I definitely was in denial that anything could really be happening that soon, and of course the planner in me said, "Its not Feb 7th yet, and I have too much to do!" Once we got in the car and was on the way there though, I got excited about the thought of getting to meet Carter and was a little sad I had to continue to wait. I am so thankful though that he gets to finish being crafted a little longer, as I would have hated for him to have any complications because of being born too early.

Now the hard part is just literally MAKING myself not do anything. I finally caught up on my rest after staying home from church today but am already finding it hard not to be up and doing things around the house... not to mention chasing around Mr. G. I appreciate your prayers during this time as I really hope nothing else crazy happens until February 7th... and that I can be resting until then. Praying for no more surprises and that he and I both safely arrive at the hospital in 2 weeks.


Brandi said...

glad they got them to stop for you. praying for your sweet family. :)

The Raymonds said...

Thats EXACTLY what happened to me with Ava... I got the shot, the contractions stopped, but only for 24 hours! I was back in the hospital within 48 hours and the shot didn't work! Maybe Carter will be here sooner than you think! Can't wait to see pictures!!